The Charming, Talented and Influential Actor Manuel Soro

The Charming, Talented and Influential Actor Manuel Soro


Manuel Soro

Charming, cultured, and interesting, Italians seem to have it all. Manuel Soro’s certainly no different. He was born in the Italian town of Bolzano, the type of place that looks great on a postcard, and would make a great setting for a movie. Maybe it was some sort of premonition for his future career as an actor.

After a tough childhood in a run down neighborhood, Manuel traded in Italy for the bright lights of London. Easily getting used to the glitz and glamour of the city, he started a career as a mixologist that eventually led to him being named the best bartender in the country. Quite the accomplishment for a man who’s first passion has always been acting.

One of the reasons Manuel’s fit so well into Los Angeles is that he’s no stranger to some of the world’s most exciting and dynamic places. His work as a manager and bar director took him across the world, from London to Ibiza, to Hong Kong. Most of us would be pretty happy with that kind of life, but not Manuel. He knew he needed something different.

So in true European fashion, he set off on a worldwide trip for a year. Fortunately for all of us movie and TV lovers, it didn’t last long until a director saw his potential and made him the lead of a small film called ‘Spanish Diamonds.’ That’s probably why he’s such an acclaimed figure on TV and in movies already, the acting stars have just been aligning throughout his whole life.

After finishing up his trip and dedicating his future to acting, he made himself right at home in the Stella Adler Academy of Dramatic Arts in sunny Los Angeles. Of course he was a natural in the program, and successfully graduated thanks to a full time scholarship.

Hollywood better take note, because Manuel’s acting talent and hard work have already made him a mainstay in the industry. He’s been a lead on the Adult Swim channel TV show ‘Black Jesus’, and in the feature film ‘Trick’. Aside from a number of other films and TV appearances, he also has appeared in the famous ‘My Big Gay Italian Funeral’ Broadway show that was directed by Emmy winner Sonia Blangiardo.

Even though he’s a bit reluctant to talk about his future plans, Manuel has a feature, a short film and a theatre project coming up in the new year, so there’s plenty of opportunity for all of us to enjoy his acting chops come 2018.



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