At Home Keratin Treatment for only $35!

At Home Keratin Treatment for only $35!



It is a powerful restorative ingredient, able to restore in the background the fiber of damaged and sensitized hair.

It’s an extremely resistant natural protein, responsible for the characteristics of strength, flexibility and softness that we both value and synonymous with beauty. This protein gives shape and consistency to the capillary fiber: 80% of hair is made of keratin.


The secret of the so-called keratin treatments doesn’t just lie in the presence of this protein in its formula, but rather in the combination of other ingredients these treatments contain, such as vitamins, oils and aminoacids. This protein consists of 15 amino acids, with cysteine being the most predominant. Keratin is in charge of reconstructing the capillary fiber and the rest of the components make the hair soft and silky.

The magic of this treatment is that it can be used in red hair, black hair, grey hair, blonde hair, oily hair, dry hair, thin hair, long hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, fine hair, permed hair……


Keratin is depleted when hair is damaged physically, chemically and/or from environmental factors, such as the sun. This keratin loss exposes the hair’s cortex, making it susceptible to additional damage, and causes porous spots to develop—much like potholes in a road. Replenishing lost keratin helps to correct porosity and smooth the hair’s surface. It restores strength and elasticity, giving the hair a more youthful, healthy appearance.


If the hair is very damaged, elastic and brittle, keratin can be used, and the frequency of use will depend on the state of the hair. In general, the recommendation for use is 1 time every 15 days.

If the hair is in critical condition, it can use weekly, intercalating with hydration /nutrition.

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