Upcoming independent writer Tyler Joel Thompson inspires with his short Film “In the Rain”

Upcoming independent writer Tyler Joel Thompson inspires with his short Film “In the Rain”

Success of a film depends on different elements that includes story, acting, cinematography and direction. But definitely the main factor is always the story. If the story is weak even a good acting can’t make it a hit. That’s why the story of a film plays a crucial part in the movie’s outcome. And direction brings perfection to it.

This week we got a glimpse at the upcoming independent writer and his short Film “In the Rain” and we already know it’s going to be a success. American writer and director Tyler Joel Thompson had an amazing own style to tell stories and it´s because of that we think this is a unique piece, where we get to experience the complexity of relationships and life.

Tyler J. Thompson tells this story through captivating characters and circumstances, bringing to this fiction one of the most compelling stories we have seen lately. Definitely he has succeeded in writing a wonderful story. It has everything: an intriguing premise, fleshed-out characters, crackling dialogue rich in subtext, a twisty plot, brisk pacing, and an emotional denouement. Its surely prove to be one of his masterpiece.

Talking about that Tyler says that one of the things that inspires him the most is observing people, just having conversations at work or sometimes just imagining what a person does just by looking at them. He says that he could sit in a coffee shop for hours and just observe and write. This is the proof that reality is always more interesting than fiction, he says. The truth and vulnerability are key to build up any story.

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