An inspiring story of upcoming actress Denise Jones

An inspiring story of upcoming actress Denise Jones

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As they say “ talent knows how to makes its way”. It has proven to be true in Actor Denise Jones’s case. She started her professional career as a Data Entry and Mail Processing Clerk in the United States Postal Service in 1994. Although she is still working in the Postal service, she has always had a deep passion for acting and a bulk of natural talent.

She got opportunities to take part in a couple of plays in drama class titled “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “The  Saga of Sagebrush  Sal” in the early 80’s. That was definitely the beginning of her acting career but luck didn’t favored and she had to wait for a long period for her next role in a theater play called “ Glory Train ” in the 1998  at Palarm Chapel Church , directed by  Mrs. Regina Davenport  and Mrs. Lorie Williams.

For the next big opportunity, she had to wait for so long. But her passion and love for acting was so strong this time the opportunities were bigger. 2017 seems to be lucky for her, as this year she was offered  an Extra Role on set this time in a new TV show testing for HBO.

And that seems to be the beginning. She has finally started to get the fruit for her patience. Her talent and skills has earned her more roles this year. She took part in a Reality Show filming for an audition for Master P movie “King of the South”. And then she got an extra Role in a feature Film called “Parallel Parking”. The movie will be coming out in November.

And that’s not all,  Denise is also a featured extra in a movie called “Slice O’ Cake” that will be coming out soon. Her love for acting, skills, talent, and  patience finally provided her the opportunities she was looking for. Hopefully we will see this talented actress in more notable work in the future.

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