Adding Style And Jazz To Your Office Attire

Adding Style And Jazz To Your Office Attire

The workplace can be a style nightmare. Boring colors and bland dress codes can hinder the stylish potential of anyone.  Working in an office where the staple clothing style is business professional does not have to be boring.  Do not get sucked into the grays, blacks and navys. Contrary to popular belief, dressing professional does not have to be boring. It is possible to slay your look, from the 9am meeting to the 7pm happy hour, without an outfit change. Use the following tips to add style to your office looks.

Stylish Flats

Footwear is often the most boring element of office style. Work shoes have to be practical and convenient. An on-the-go professional lifestyle should not be slowed down by a five inch heel.  No matter the office, there are stylish options for flats and heels that are not only comfortable but cute.  A sleek flat is a great option. A pointed-toe flat is not only professional, it is also stylish.  Find the perfect pair of flats for your personal style. This can range from metallic hues, peep toe flats, footwear adorned with jewels or intricate fabrics such as suede or velvet.  When buying flats, go for colors that are additions to your wardrobe but will not fade into the office background. Black and nude tones are essential yet reds, blues and patterns will also get the job done.

Winning Blazers  

Blazers are almost mandatory for professional style. Layering blouses and blazers is already chic; however, wearing this combination everyday can get boring. The new blazer can add excitement to your office wardrobe yet remain professional.  A great place to purchase these blazers is your local thrift shop.  Adding a vintage vibe is a funky way to splash up your office wardrobe.  Vintage blazers come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and make a statement with the outerwear. Pay attention to things such as inner linings, buttons and collars, all small details that can make a huge difference when styling.

The Perfect Slacks

The perfect pair of pants will make getting dressed for work enjoyable. A great fitting pair of pants will make your entire day go smoothly. While there may not be much room as far as color and patterns go with work slacks, the style and fit are everything.  Your pants are a great place to invest into your professional wardrobe. Go for various pairs in solid colors that work best for your closet. After purchasing your pants, visit a tailor or seamstress.  Having your pants tailored to perfection will give your entire look an overall style upgrade.

Hair And Makeup That Means Business

Put your best face forward in the office with classic makeup looks and winning hair to match. Your hair and makeup do not have to be boring to be acceptable at the office. Clean is the general theme for office beauty. This can be achieved with various tools of hair and makeup. Keep your makeup looks neutral and use blushes, and bronzers for color. Pair your favorite nude lipsticks with a lipgloss for shimmer and shine.  As far as hair goes, the more groomed the better. Use luxury hair extensions to achieve a finished look. These clip in extensions allow you to simplify your morning routine, while easily changing your hair style from day to day. Straighten or curl with heated styling tools and secure with a holding spray.  From waves and curls to buns and ponys, clip in luxury hair extensions make looking professional quick and easy.

Article is written by Christopher Guest and she writes for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

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