You Should Try This Bath Towel Hair Wrap !

You Should Try This Bath Towel Hair Wrap !

Bath Towel Hair Wrap

Drying hair after taking a bath has always been a big deal for women. Same is the case with me. Never had a proper gadget for that task. Then my friend suggested me to use Bath towel hair wrap. So I searched for one to buy online. Came across a an amazon store with pretty cool hair wrap towels. Price was reasonable ( $17) so spared no time in ordering one for me.

towel wrapped
My pack arrived

Delivery was faster then I expected. Once I got the wrap in my hand I could feel they were absolutely right about their material. It was 100% Cotton Bath Towel Hair wrap. I was very happy when I used it. Very easy to adjust on my hair.

Back view
Front view

As far as its specifications are concerned. The wrap is sold in white color only with B My Love logo in bold gold color embroidery It measures 65 x 26 cm in dimensions with 2 white buttons to secure the wrap accordingly. Getting hair washed and to lock it up in a tidy towel can look pretty too.

So after a good experience myself I would definitely recommend this amazon seller to my readers. You can

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