Man Cards saved my day !

Man Cards saved my day !

Last week it was my cousin’s birthday. I could only remember it at very last moment. He lives in Florida so sending a gift from my location would have taken a longer time. So only solution was sending a gift through an online store or gift store. While searching  for something cool to gift a man, finally I came across an online store ‘Man Cards’. It was exactly what I was looking for. A lot of options to chose from including including t-shirts, mug, printed socks for men etc. And best of all they got a plenty of colorful cards.

Cards are arranged into occasions and category wise, that makes it easier to browse. As the occasion in my case was birthday so I searched through birthday cards. There were so many I could have bought but I went for this one.

birthday card for men

Idea of bow-tie impressed me. So I spare no time in ordering this card along with a T-shirt to send as a gift to my cousin. While ordering he card they have three options.

  • Sending a per-written  message
  • Just leave the inside blank
  • Let me write my own message.

The message written by them was good enough and I wasn’t in mood of writing my own, so went with that one and completed the order. Oh almost forgot to mention the price, all man cards are available in reasonable price. The one I chose had a price of $3.99. So without spending a big amount I was able to send gift along with a birthday card to my cousin. It reached my cousin the next day (on his birthday) means delivery service is good as well. My cousin liked it as well (as he called me the same day to thank for remembering his birthday and sending gift). But I will definitely thank Man Cards as they had saved my day 🙂


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