How does it feel like shopping for a cause ?

How does it feel like shopping for a cause ?


I find that my favorite fashion pieces are usually hidden gems folded neatly on shelves in smaller boutiques. Spending a full Saturday shopping local makes for some of the best shopping, but boutique shopping from store to store is not always practical. I lead a chaotic life that leaves little time to supporting my shopping schedule. I stumbled upon a new site called Sweet Pea Deals that is a virtual one-stop-shop for all the best boutique gems. I can sit in my rocker and sing the baby to sleep while buying a cable-knit cardigan to compliment my pumpkin spiced latte. I can find the perfect pair of heels while waiting in line at the grocery store. The beauty of Sweet Pea is that I have access to hundreds of boutique favorites on one simple site, making my life a little less chaotic and a little more fashionable. But my favorite thing  about Sweet Pea is there contribution to couples struggling with infertility. Each month they hold a photo contest to raise money to directly fund infertility treatments for four couples. With Sweet Pea I can shop while creating more time for myself, and I can feel good about my contribution to growing families.

To get involved just follow these three steps:

  1. Shop- Browse the site and see what Sweet Pea has to offer. You will discover unique clothing and decor that accents your style.
  2. Vote- Make your way over to the Photo Contest page where you can read stories of couples who are hoping to grow their family and place your vote.
  3. Share- Spread the word to family and friends by sharing your favorite boutique items and photo contest votes on social media.

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