‘Dasha’ A Multi Talented Artist !

‘Dasha’ A Multi Talented Artist !

Dasha is a very stylish, talented and highly skilled actress, host and music artist. Her career started professionally shortly after graduating from UCLA. She started working in the lab with her still producer Rob Deez and started working heavily with a wedding band every week. So she starting with this and after a short span of time she also came into acting and hosting.


She played role in Tyler Perry”s tv series “The Haves and the Have nots”. That was appreciated by critics and also earned her more fans. She grabbed this opportunity and learned so much in such a short period of time and never looked back. She is currently doing her talk show ,The Divah Diaries, which will start mid September every Tuesday.

In her music she is inspired and influenced by some of the greats of the industry. Once asked about that she said,

“I have many influences some being Mahalia Jackson, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan and then when I got to college I was heavily influenced by Nina Simone, John Coltrane, Sarah Vaughan and the list goes on. I can find inspiration or influence and almost every artists that I listen to.”


After working on her music with full dedication now she is all set to release her debut Album “The Howard Roark Project”.  It will be released on October 4th. The title was inspired by a lead character from The Fountainhead. She recently released her debut song “LOVING YOU” from the this album. It has received exceptional and overwhelming response. Speaking about the idea and inspiration behind this Album she says,

“This is somewhat of a protest against what the industry has tried to force me into all these years. It is what I wanted to be; nothing more, nothing less. ”

Now we are anxiously waiting for her Album to release. Definitely it will have something different and inspiring just like her personality. To stay updated about release and about her professional activities you can follow here on social media. She is very active on social media.  @TheDivineDivah is her handle on different social media platforms including instagram, twitter, facebook and soundcloud.

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