How a Fashion Designer and an Architect started a Mask Company amid strict Pandemic Lockdowns

How a Fashion Designer and an Architect started a Mask Company amid strict Pandemic Lockdowns

In March 2020, Metro Manila, Philippines officially went into a strict community quarantine lockdown. The Pandemic thrust into course a shortage of all sorts of supplies, a Government enforced nation-wide Mask Mandate was passed, and almost immediately masks ran into short supply. 

Mask Habit PH was founded in May 2020, a few months into strict lockdown in Metro Manila, by Jennica Castro, a Fashion Designer and beauty professional, and Xavier Ticzon, an Architect. While the two were discussing the difficulty that many were enduring due to the lockdown, they were also eager to assist their local communities in their own way. One day, while Jennica was customizing her own reusable masks, she had this brilliant idea of possibly donating quality reusable masks to Frontliners, and to those in need – and that the charity would be supported by the selling of these quality yet affordable masks to others. 

While the two were and are still full time practicing professionals, technology was their greatest edge in pursuing their venture. With no time to lose, both of them strung together a quick strategy and began reaching out to local craftsmen to produce these masks, with all coordination done online. Most of their products are made in various parts of Luzon (one of the main land mass Regions of the Philippines) and mostly sourced from provincial craftsmen, allowing them to somehow support the local economies of those regions. All their products are proudly made in the Philippines. One of their main craft groups is composed of ladies that were heavily affected by the pandemic, and now this provides a form of livelihood for them. 

Mask Habit now sells dozens of mask related products, from plain masks, adjustable masks, sports masks, scarf masks, shawl masks, fashionable lace masks, eye and face shields, and Mask & Hat Combinations, all available nationwide and even internationally. Their Mask & Hat combinations have been a big hit given the strong mix of practically fashionable, and durable nature of the fabric, they perform best under the hot tropical weather of the Philippines when one is in need of shade. “How does one make wearing a mask for fun and fashionable? As a business we are always wanting to bring something new to the market. ” – Jennica Castro.

 While their customers come from all over the Philippines, and some even on different continents, their best customers are those drawn to the brand for its advocacy, even catching the likes of some local celebrities and business tycoons. 

The easiest way to order from Mask Habit PH is to send them a message on Facebook ( or Instagram ( 

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