Why is dating Russian and Moldovan girls sometimes doomed to failure

Why is dating Russian and Moldovan girls sometimes doomed to failure

“I don’t know what happened. The relationship we had seemed to be heading in the right direction, but then it simply crashed!” Does it sound familiar? It is not rare that the Western singles searching for a Russian girl, or a Slavic girl in general, encounter this problem. A relationship that was budding is found shattered, completely destroyed. Is it really your woman’s fault though? Let’s consider the possible scenarios that may entail this deplorable outcome.

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The so-called circuits of love need time to come into fruition and to form a stable, lasting bond within the dating couple. Willingness to submit to a commitment and trust are the components that require time and energy. If your surging appetite for lust, for a physical contact with your partner is engaged too early, it may ruin the tiny psychological bond between you two. It can throw a lot of pressure onto your burgeoning relationship and may nip it in the bud.

Before you type Russian girls for dating online in a search engine and register on a dating site, you need to cast aside as many of your previous emotional scars as possible. The expression “a fresh start” is never entirely true, since we all carry emotional wounds that we received in our previous relationships. Some of us may have children from previous marriages that fell apart – in this case the past is always our present. A lot of resilience and hard emotional work are required to cope with the grievances of the past and to move forward. Examine what went wrong back then and persevere to avoid these mistakes.

Lies may become a real pest in a new relationship. Even a half-truth may incur mortal wounds. Besides, if your Russian girl lies to you at least once, she most likely will do it again, at a certain point of time. Usually lies get even worse once people are married. Lies in a relationship indicate the person’s insecurity, lack of integrity and of high moral standards. Duplicity in any form, even a trifle one, is a red flag signal that the relationship should not be pursued further. Of course, there are so-called “white lies”, each situation should be assessed separately and with as much impartiality as can possibly be summoned.

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It is very rare that a relationship survives such disasters as possessiveness and jealousy, the behavior aimed at controlling one’s partner and so forth. Excessive demands, the drive to micromanage your partner may ruin the relationship. If you want it to flourish, don’t treat your Russian bride as if she is your dog on a leash. You don’t own her, period.

Fairy tales and reality with Moldovan girls

If you choose the Moldovan online dating over the Russian one, you will still have to fight the same emotional issues. Be realistic in your expectations and don’t look for miracles. Every Moldovan lady is just a woman, and every person has a dark side in his character, some “skeletons in the closet” are also possible. Beware that your Moldovan bride may have certain faults. Working out a relationship requires a lot of perseverance and hard work. Be ready to offer to your lady some concessions in her favor, if you see that it can really improve her everyday life and strengthen your bonds. Allow her a certain freedom of movement, don’t follow her like a shadow wherever she goes. Developing a healthy relationship is a hard, but truly amazing process, in which two people become a harmony-filled couple.

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