Interview with CEO of Genius Academy Tutors,  Sharon Oh

Interview with CEO of Genius Academy Tutors, Sharon Oh

We recently interviewed CEO of Genius Academy Tutors,  Sharon Oh. Sharon holds a masters degree in Education. She loves to help people achieve their financial goals with educational guidance.  Here is our conversation with her about her professional life and Genius Academy Tutors.

sharon ohPro Media Mag: First tell us about the start of your professional career?

Sharon Oh: Well, I had a passion for improving my own credit score and it worked. By my own experience , I started to utilize what works and what doesn’t and how it can help others.

Pro Media Mag: What was the idea behind the launch of Genius Academy Tutors?

Sharon Oh: Genius is the ultimate intellectual name. We collaborated education and financial field, all in one! We use different methods to solve each unique client’s situation.

Pro Media Mag: What are the expertise of your team members and in which way it will be beneficial for your clients?

Sharon Oh: Our popular program is the credit repair program. Anyone can have a better credit within 6 months, after repairing with us. We offer business loan package, while working with different lenders,so people can build their dreams.

Pro Media Mag: What kind of response you are getting from the masses about your programs?

Sharon Oh: After going through our program from start to finish, everyone is happy. Our former clients, tell others about our programs.
Pro Media Mag: Tell us about Your Credit Repair Program?

Sharon Oh: We get the most recent scores from the 3 credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Then we do a credit analysis and figure what is bringing down the scores. 3 Step Process – Credit sweep, next a credit repair with 3 credit bureaus, and we build credit scores through tradelines. We remove collections, charge-offs, and other bad items legally. The results are shown within 6 months or sooner. Every 45 days we give you an update of the progress report. We have a flat fee price of 2000.00, but it’s worth it.
Pro Media Mag: You also offer business loans, what are the limits and also requirements for the loan?

Sharon Oh:  We offer 25,000 to 2 million loans for business loans. Average credit 500-850 scores. YES, you can still get approved with 500 credit, exclusively through our loan package.

Pro Media Mag: What have you learned most about being in this business?

Sharon Oh: Well we do not use conventional or traditional methods. We learned to give a fast and effective method, unlike any other companies out there! We are here to serve our clients with providing them with good results!

Pro Media Mag: Any further projects do you have coming up under your company?

Sharon Oh: Yes, we are working on a big project! We will expand Genius Academy Tutors in different countries. Follow us on social media for updates.
Pro Media Mag: How can you be contacted or followed online?

Sharon Oh:

Phone :800-561-4895
Text for contact: 7032493053

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