Lets meet Resilience Boutique’s Owner Phyllis Hughes

Lets meet Resilience Boutique’s Owner Phyllis Hughes

Pro Media Mag: Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into Beauty Industry?

Phyllis Hughes: Hi, my name is Phyllis Hughes. I started my online boutique in November of 2015. It started off under the name of Girly Gurls because at that time
my vision was to only sell organic body wash, lotion, 100% Soy Candles, lip balm, and perfume for women. Earlier this year I started getting calls, texts, messages, and emails from men inquiring about a men’s line. So, around June of this year I started to change the name and is in the process of phasing men products into the line.


Pro Media Mag: What is your favorite part about being a entrepreneur?

Phyllis Hughes: My most favorite part is educating women on my skin care line that has no additives or parabens in them unlike other body
products on the market. In addition I have met thousands of customers who has turned into friends.


wosPro Media Mag: What was inspiration behind starting your boutique “Resilience Boutique by PEH LLC”?

Phyllis Hughes: My inspiration behind starting my boutique was owning my own business on my terms while selling products that are good
for the body and mind.


Pro Media Mag: What are the main products available under your boutique ?

Phyllis Hughes: The main products that are available is my very own fragrance called Resilience, 100% Soy Candles,
Organic Body Wash & Lotion, Lip Balm, and Room Mist.


Pro Media Mag: What are the main ingredients of your products? Is there any chance of side effects after using these?

Phyllis Hughes: The main ingredients in my products varies with the product. For example the body wash contains
aloe juice, vegetable glycerin, vitamins E&C, & organic herbal extracts. There hasn’t been no report from customers about any side effects
but as always consult with your physician before use.


Pro Media Mag: Everyone has different type of skin. Do you have different products for different skin types ?

Phyllis Hughes: I have an organic line for all skin types. I do also have a soy line which contains soy only if you don’t have sensitive skin. My soy products
only comes in lotion and body mist.


Pro Media Mag: What would be your best piece for advice to our readers about keeping there skin healthy?

Phyllis Hughes: My best piece of advice is to know what you’re putting on your skin. It’s imperative to read the ingredients and
if you have a concern about the product then consult your physician.

Pro Media Mag: What are your future goals?

Phyllis Hughes: My future goals in the next 2 years is to have 3 storefronts in 3 different states.


Pro Media Mag: If readers of our Magazine would like to follow or contact you. How can they?

Phyllis Hughes: www.pehboutique.com or www.girlygurls.net, email:phyllis@pehboutique.com

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