Why a Reliable Veterinary POS System Is More Important Than Ever

Why a Reliable Veterinary POS System Is More Important Than Ever

When you run a veterinary practice, you need the right credit card processing technology. A veterinary POS can offer a lot that you may not be able to get from a regular point of sale system. Furthermore, working with a reliable merchant services provider can put your business on the path to lasting success. These are some of the advantages of finding the right POS for your veterinary practice.

The Value of an Industry-Specific POS

A lot of people think that all point of sale systems are the same. At one point this was true. However, more recent offerings such as Clover and Hippo Manager have special features that can help you with industry-specific use cases.

For example, as a veterinary practice, you need to manage files for your patients. You likely want to be able to easily bill them from a single solution rather than needing to copy over your veterinary service fees to a separate invoicing system.

It only makes sense to use a POS designed for vets. Simply put, you wouldn’t want to use one made for restaurants. So, choose a veterinary POS instead.

The Importance of Accepting Credit Cards

Taking credit cards is more important than ever. People are increasingly going cashless. In fact, some people are switching to mobile payments whenever possible. Having a POS that can let you accept these preferred methods of payment will help you ensure the lasting success of your practice.

This trend has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. People are even more careful about using cash and prefer card-based and contactless payments. You could hurt your business by not accepting the right types of payment.

Get More With an Efficient and Consistent POS

It is also important to choose a POS that will let you operate efficiently. People don’t want to wait around for payments to process and they don’t want to have to deal with errors. With the right system, your team can run more smoothly and without risking any errors. Some of the best veterinary POS solutions are extremely intuitive and can help you run a more productive business.

Save On Transactions With Cash Discounts

You may expect that people with credit card processing careers would want you to always sell with payment cards. However, this is not always the case. Some providers understand that you can save money for your business by encouraging cash sales. So, they help you do that in a consistent and customer-centric manner.

Using a cash discount program, you can share the money saved on transaction fees with your customers who pay cash. If the fee would have been $4, for example, you may discount the price by $3. This gives the customer an incentive to pay cash and you both save money.

Get Started

Learn more about how the right point of sale solution can give your business a leg up. It is more important than ever to have a reliable and efficient veterinary POS. Don’t let your practice suffer because you didn’t invest a little time in learning about payment processing.

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