Actress Camille Calvin wins hearts and awards for her film Desire Lines

Actress Camille Calvin wins hearts and awards for her film Desire Lines

Multi-talented actress Camille Calvin has proved her abilities thorough her dedication and hardwork. She not only a passionate actress but also an accomplished director, producer, and host. She changes her looks such effectively that some of her friends and colleagues call her Cameleon. She is best known for her work in the films “Two Nations” and “Stateside”. And the TV series “Unusual Suspects” was perhaps the turning point in her acting career.

But after watching her most recent film Patrick Connolly’s Desire Lines, I can say her career is about to get on it’s peak now with such an amazing and realistic act. After watching this around 85 minutes film it will get pretty hard for you to decide whether it’s Camille Calvin acting as Honey Zeal or both of them are the same. It actually gets tough to take apart Camille from Honey Zeal character. She has done it such masterfully that she is able to put life in Honey Zeal character.

The film is about a conflicted adult-film actress attends a meditation group where she mixes with an off-beat clientele and their troubled guru. Camille Calvin who played the lead role covered the screen for about 90% of the total film. And not even in a single scene you can see any flaws from her. She is deeply absorbed in her character that if you are the one who personally know her, you would get confused whether it’s actually her or Honey Zeal the adult film actress who is gonna get out of the sets of this film at the end.

The film overall won awards a film festival called Film Invasion Los Angeles, and she won “best leading actress” award. I would say she surely deserved it. The film also won best screen play, and her co-star Nigel who played the role of Joel Caldwell got best supporting actor award. So overall the film was a success and got the appreciation from fans and critics as well. You can watch the movie here (it also covers interviews of the artists at the end).

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