Interview with hip hop group Elite Star

Interview with hip hop group Elite Star

Elite Star is a multi faceted hip hop group out of Dallas, TX. They took some time out of their busy schedules to have a chat with us. Welcome!!

Take us into your frame of mind when making that decision to record the controversial but much appropriate song Black Man?

We’ve always wanted to talk about what goes on in this country. We see the systemic racism, and we’ve personally experienced it like many black men and women. In Dallas we had Bothem Jean who was killed in his own apartment by a police officer. It was heartbreaking seeing their family mourn and when we saw Atatiana Jefferson get killed the same way that broke us. To be with her 8yr old nephew while being at home minding her business to have yet another tragedy to take place. We couldn’t be silent anymore, we had something to say. We hope it resonates with people of all races and inspires change so that our children’s children wont have to go through these injustices.

What has the feedback been like for Black Man?

It’s been positive. We’ve had people tell us, “Hey, people need to hear this right now.” That’s the reaction we want although it’s a bittersweet victory. These are hard conversations to have and its a subject matter you don’t want to have to sing or rap about, but this is our reality. Art imitates life and all voices need to be heard.

For those who may not understand where you’re coming from with Black Man. What is your message?

When you look at all the families that have been affected by police brutality and systemic racism they are taking away mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles from their families which causes a ripple effect on all us. Tamir Rice’s parents won’t get to see him grow up and that’s horrifying for any parent. Atatiana Jefferson’s parents won’t get to see her walk down the aisle or have children, that’s the reality of this. George Floyd won’t get to see his baby girl grow up, or be a grandfather. We are pointing out how we want to be here to see those things. With the climate of this country many wont get the opportunities to see those beautiful moments when our lives are being taken away from us.

What are your thoughts about the black lives matter as it relates to the song?

I mean, Black Lives Matter! Period! This is bigger than it’s ever been and it’s a beautiful thing to see. The world is watching and reacting while we are just one of the many voices saying that it’s real, this isn’t a myth! This is what we go through and we will keep making these kind of records until our voices are heard.

Where do you hope this movement goes? What do you hope to be the end result?

Equality! That’s what we want, equality! We don’t want to keep seeing videos of senseless murders of our brothers and sisters. We want to be trusted when we say we’re just out for a jog. If we the people are in a simple traffic stop and we tell the officer that we have a gun license we shouldn’t fear being shot while children are in the car. We want to be treated the same way everyone else is treated, with respect.

Is there a new album on the horizon?

The Take Off 3-Part Album Series is on the way presented by Supreme Elite Star Music featuring Eighty3! Also stay tuned for more new music and videos by Eighty3 coming soon.

Where can we find you on social media and online?

Follow Eighty3 on Instagram @EliteStarMusic! Also log on to for the latest Eighty3 music and updates!

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