Which underwater camera will be best for you & your pocket

Everyone wants to capture the great moments in their life and save them forever. Be it the first time their child opened his/eyes, said their first words, or started walking, or the day they graduate from college. There are countless moments that each of us want to remember and preserve. The best way to this is by recording or capturing the moment in a camera. People are making use of these for a very long time and are expected to so in future as well since the precious moments are never going to end.

Apart from daily routine life, there are times when you go on an expensive trip or to a very different kind of adventure which is not expected to happen again in next 5-6 years perhaps. These are the moments which should be captured and not preserved but shown to the people as well. To record these trips and events, it is best to use the cameras which are less expensive and are not fragile either. There are many camera available in market which are dust proof, water proof and shock proof too. These gadgets and camera can cost you less than a $100 and will be the best companion you can have on a trip. Since, it is summer, if you are planning to go for scuba diving, these Best Waterproof Digital Camera Under 100 are something which you should get before you go.

A good waterproof camera will let you record your experience and you can share the experience when you come back from your trip and share the recorded videos and pictures online with friends and family. There are so many people who are travelling the world and sharing the pictures and videos with people. Using the underwater cameras can allow you to show people the real feel which a person can get when they take the underwater trip. There are many devices which can be used under water. Some are for professionals which cost a lot more than a $100 whereas there are some which are for an amateur and can cost as less as a $100. Obviously paying less means you are not going to get all the techs in the camera, however, it is good enough to take neat and good pictures underwater.

There are many companies who claim to build the underwater cameras, however, they are not water tight and as soon as a little amount of water enters them, it ruins the batteries, SD card and the device itself. If you want to get the best quality camera, you should consider the one which is offered by Kodak EasyShare Sport C123. It costs certainly less and has 5 star reviews so far. It can go up to 10ft underwater. The camera is 12 megapixels and gives great quality pictures. There is a 2.6 in display on the camera as well which can show the pictures before you click the button to capture. The camera can also record high-quality videos which are easy to be uploaded on the web.

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