4 Things to Consider When Serving Alcohol at Your Holiday Party

Parties that adults throw are interesting. While it is not necessary to have a reason behind one, but such parties usually, serve booze to the guests. This culture has even popularized in office parties where alcohol is served to the employees, etc. Unluckily, many companies tend to avoid serving alcohol to their staff, as they do not want the guests to lose their sanity by consuming too much. Even the law system imposes certain rules and restrictions for the use of alcohol in such parties. However, there are ways to minimize the liability if you are planning to serve alcohol at the party. Here are some things that you can consider before serving alcohol at your office holiday party.

  • Setting up rules

Office holiday parties may be a good way of relieving stress. However, this does not mean that the guests are free to do what they please. There have to be a particular set of rules to ensure that nobody creates a scene at the party. If you are the host, then it is prudent if you can distribute a paper with the rules reminding the people to stay in control. Some of the rules that you can add to the sheet are:

  1. Avoiding violent behavior due to alcohol influence
  2. Respect the policies of the company, such as harassing other party members
  3. Drinking responsibly


  • Choosing a convenient time for the party

To avoid complete chaos at the party, it is reasonable to throw the party during daytime. In addition, you can try for a family occasion so that the employees attend it responsibly. Avoid weekend parties as guests may think of partying all night due to a holiday next day. This may provoke them to party insanely. Presence of family will keep them regulated at all times and they will consume alcohol responsibly.

  • Try to maintain a professional environment

Instead of solely relying on alcohol, you can also organize other entertainment activities at the party. You must also make sure that the place for the party is suitable for alcoholic consumption and is accredited with license to consume it. You can also assign duties to certain party members so that they can keep check on the guests for their controlled liquor consumption. If someone drinks too much, you should have modes of transportation available for them to take them home safely. Do not let them drive on their own, even if they insist. You can also assign tickets for alcohol to the party guests so that they can limit the drinks for every employee. You may also like to read about Jello Shot Syringes Recipe, which is great for parties.

  • Regulate the timing for alcohol

Do not let the members consume alcohol at will and anytime. Provision of liquor should be stopped at least one hour before the party is over so that the members can become sober when they leave the premises.

Remember that you do not want to promote any chances of inappropriate behavior at the party. Follow such tips for alcohol serving so that you can all enjoy a wonderful office party.

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