What Pool Accessories Do You Need For Your Pool?

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It’s everyone’s dream to have a pool, right? Building a brand new pool is a significant project, and you’ll have to be prepared to maintain it. Is there anything specific you’ll need to get started? You believe you’ve opened the door to years of happiness, but you’re not sure where to begin. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Maintaining the pool is not hard, but it does need your involvement and effort. It is considerably more difficult to restore your pool to its original condition than it is to keep it in good shape in the first place. Click on the link for more https://www.bobvila.com/articles/how-to-maintain-a-pool/

Here’s what you’ll need:


How to Shock a Pool - Hayward POOLSIDE Blog

When it comes to maintaining your swimming pool’s chemical balance, shock is among the most significant compounds to remember. A consistent dose of chlorine will eradicate the great majority of bacteria in your house, assuming that you use it regularly. The chlorination of the pool water will be greatly increased as a result of the shock. 

Swimmers will be able to utilize your pool without fear of contracting a disease once the shock destroys the remaining bacteria in it. Using it will assist in clearing up any cloudy water. It is also possible to utilize shock treatment to treat a mild incidence of algae growth. For whenever your pool is used and whether or not there have been significant showers in your region, you may need to increase the rate with which it is cleaned.


This is a pool accessory that absolutely everyone should have in their home. When you use the skimmer, you are reaching out into the pool and collecting debris by utilizing a flat net. The interchangeable heads are meant to be used with some poles can be mounted to the pole. 

Each and every time you swim, it is likely that you will use the skimmer to gather remaining debris floating on the water, such as leaves and flower petals, as well as aquatic insects. You may also use your pool skimmer to retrieve any pool toys that have been discarded or accidentally left in the pool.

Manual Vacuum

Using a hand vacuum to clean your pool is an absolute must when it comes to maintaining your pool. The suction head is intended to make it simple to reach into the edges of your swimming pool and vacuum it thoroughly. Small areas may be cleaned well with this instrument, and it is also effective for general cleaning. 

You should know that most of them are offered independently from the pole and hose, which means you may need to buy both the hose and the suction head separately in order to complete your purchase. If you already have a product like a skimmer pole, you can often just use it in combination with your vacuum to get the job done faster and easier. Read more here.

Pool Brush

The pool brush is primarily used to clean the walls as well as edges of the pool. 

One feature of the brushes is that they constitute a magnetic edge, which is excellent for finding lost jewelry pieces. Using a pool brush is will be essential important if you have an accumulation of certain amounts of algae in your pool. A thick algae layer will need to be swept away from the pool’s sides as well as vacuumed away after an algaecide treatment has been applied to them. The use of this brush makes the procedure a lot less challenging to finish.

Pool Covers

Among the most important accessories for your pool, don’t forget about the covers! Even during winter, when the weather is cold, you will need to cover your pool to keep it safe. They are not only necessary for pool protection, but they also serve as a safety component that aids in the prevention of pool accidents.

Also available for purchase are leaf covers that can be placed atop of your pool cover to keep it protected from the weather. As soon as the snow is gone, it needs to be removed together with the leaves, enabling the process of re-opening your pool much simpler in the springtime. Your feelings regarding the need for leaf cover may change depending on whether you live in a tree-rich location. 

It is also regarded as an optional item to bring along a solar blanket. This product is created to order to ensure that it fits perfectly over the pool. Your pool merely floats on the surface of the water when it is not in use, and it is not visible. It is possible to improve your pool’s temperature up to 15 degrees by utilizing a solar blanket in combination with it, while also reducing water loss. How amazing is that? 

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