What causes white hair at young age ?

What causes white hair at young age ?

white hair at young age

White hair used to be an alarm of getting into the old age. But the conditions and time has changed now. White hair at young age is very common now a days. There are so many reasons from genetics to diet, ethnicity to addiction. Most of these can be avoided but some of these are not in your hands.

Here are some of the causes for white hair.

Genetic problem

Just like eyesight and other genetically transferable problems white hair can also be transferred from your elders. Means apart from other so many reasons white hair can be caused due to white hair in your elders. If your elders have white hair it can be transferred in you through genes as well.

Improper and unbalanced diet

unbalanced diet is also a big cause of white hair at young age. If you are the one who is facing this problem you must check your diet. You must be taking less vitamins and some harmful items. There are diet plans available online you can consult that or you can go to your hair specialist before all your hair start to get white.


There are so many regions in the world where grey or white hair are common in people. Even babies are born with white hair in these regions. Caucasian people in particular face that issue. Normally their hair become white once they enter into 30’s .

Your surrounding and work environment

You may be working in some place where radiology and other rays are the reason for harm to your hair and the result is white hair. You can check if there is any kind of security or precautionary measures you can take to avoid white hair.

And there are plenty of more causes for white hair at young age here.

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