Now you can create your shopping list without using hands !

Since the invention of the cellphones managing the memos, grocery lists, notes has become much easier. Managing and keeping the paper based lists and notes were a tough ask. Particularly when you go on shopping it gets hard to take out the paper list every now and then from your pocket and tally that with the shopping cart items. But in case of cellphone app its much easier task.  But definitely there are some features missing in the apps we normally use for notes and memos. For example to add the list item we have to free our both hands to type. Or to keep the record of the things we have  purchased and to check the remaining ones. And many other such features we were missing has been added in a recently launched app notibuyer.


Its extremely innovative app.  An app that will let you record you list without using your hands. Amazed ? Yes that’s correct. Now you can create the list while driving or doing any other task, as you only need to shake the cellphone and app. You can speak all the list items and it will not only save it in audio format but also transcribes into text format. Extremely helpful features for those who hate typing long lists or notes.

Another good thing about the app is very simple to use. Not complications at all. You can easily understand the so easy function of this amazing app. You can also share the shopping list with each member of the family with just a click. So now its even more easier to create To-do lists, memos and notes. With Notibuyer, you can easily create, organize and share your notes, shopping and to-do list with a voice memo, text or picture on the go.

Another feature that will impress you is the feature that enables you to do items search by text or picture in Google search engine using Notibuyer. Search the items and make the list of those items. Plenty of unique features been added in the this app.  You won’t regret your decision to download and using this app. You can also download Notibuyer here.

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