Twee Shirts an innovative Idea in Fashion

Twee Shirts an innovative Idea in Fashion

Came across Twee shirts recently. Firstly couldn’t understand the idea behind but when I became curious and gone through the whole site , one thing came out of my mouth ” Waoo ! ” what an awesome idea. Finished up ordering my own twee shirt.

It was very simple just in three steps I created my twee shirt design on the site .

  1. Chosen my tweet which I want to get printed on my shirt
  2. Click on tweet date and copied the URL that opened.
  3. Put the url into the box in twee shirts site and created .
Twee shirts
That’s the Twee Shirt I am talking about

Here we go , there came a picture of a T shirt with my twitter handle, my name and the tweet description and other details related to tweet printed on it. And yeah forgot to mention my profile picture and “follow” button also printed on it. That looked awesome . I was already wondering how dashing I will be looking after wearing the Twee shirt. Just ordered the Tshirt and now waiting for delivery and I was unable to wait so thought about sharing my experience with you so that you can also enjoy this innovative idea of Fashion and style.

Idea of twee shirt looks cool and different from the routine fashion stuff. Wear these shirts in front of your friends I bet every one would be staring at you and will ask how you do it . And off course your next DP on social media would be a twee shirt DP. Surely you will get a lots of likes on it 🙂

So what are you waiting for order your twee shirt today and impress your friends .

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