Frederic Fappani- the President of an NGO, Human Right Activist, and Thinker

Frederic Fappani- the President of an NGO, Human Right Activist, and Thinker

Frederic Fappani was born in 1971 (Limousin, South-Central France). This great person has the mandate to International President of NGO for 20 countries, which are looking to eliminating problems facing the youth. He is also a human right activist, a practitioner and a great thinker. He became famous as from the year 2009, whereby he used the concept of “The Symposium or Banquet of the Excluded” to talk about the youth. Later in 2010, he went ahead to develop a psycho-philosophical approach, which was termed as “Education of Happiness”. All this was meant to motivate the youth and promote happiness in the society. In fact, he is a great philosopher of the question of humanity, especially for the young generation.

This great man is sometimes referred to as street educator. This is because he has been for a long time preaching the essence of education and happiness to the youth all over the world. He is also responsible for a child protection service, which in other words can be termed as specialty prevention. He trained in science education and the approaches of analytical psychology. So, he is highly knowledgeable in science subjects as well as the social sciences. That is why he has a good understanding of the society and the human behavior. In big words, we can describe this powerful man as an educationist who has successfully hit the mark.

He became the president of the international NGO CNRJ in 2013 until present day. This is a clear indication that this man is a great leader. The 20 countries being served by the CNRJ NGO’s really salute him. He is also an author and thinker on the subject of youth. In fact, he regularly publishes highly influential texts, some of which exceed the power of CNRJ networks. All these revolve around the question of happiness amongst the youth. Remember he focuses on the youth simply because they are the expected leaders of tomorrow.

On top of his fame, this man has written 3 main books: The Hut Landscapes, Education Happiness and The Complexed Happiness. In the mid of 2015, he wrote a book by the name Elected Happiness, which was released in October 6, 2015. In his book Education Happiness, Frederic Fappani has proposed an approach that has really worked for many years. He talks about curiosity in doing something, discovery of methods, reflection on happiness, or entry into a new relationship with oneself, other people and the rest of the world. He points out that every player has to find his own account as well as the degree of involvement. The thinker also points out that humanity is in big crisis and turns. Education in happiness is a new concept that is offered in this particular book, which requires you to reflect on the recent transformation in humankind.

Again, the Complexed Happiness Pocket is also quite influential. This one was put forth in the year 2014. Just after the Education Happiness of 2011, Frederic Fappani came up with this amazing book, which entails sociological and philosophical concept of happiness. Actually, it outlines the complexities of life that tend to hinder happiness in human race. He clearly says that most of the small-minded authors have not actually expounded on the issue of happiness. They have not even wondered why happiness sometimes come and disappear even to their own lives. Some even do not believe in the existence of happiness whatsoever. In this particular book, the author revisits the parable of Plato’s cave. He further explains how this myth is linked to human happiness. From this book, Frederic Fappani tells us that happiness is really possible if and only if you seek it. After all he is the president of CNRJ NGO’s, activist for human rights, as well as a great thinker. So, this is a clear indication that he is more than happy since he sought for happiness for himself.

In the Hut Landscapes, he argues that when you follow a particular leader, you not only need to discover what he does, but also the characters that are behind him. He gives an example of a tree. The leader and its characters are designed to allow you follow a particular path.

There is also the latest book by Frederic Fappani: The Elected Happiness, which was released October 6, 2015. Frederic Fappani develops in this new book an astounding aspect of the belief of happiness. To get a copy of this or any other book written by this great man, you can go to Amazon. They are sold at affordable prices so that everyone can afford. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or even Instagram. You can visit the links to see what he usually updates there. The links are provided below:

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