Amazing First Track Dropped By New Dream Pop Group

Amazing First Track Dropped By New Dream Pop Group

oengus2The dream pop song “Red Skies” has such an awesome and amazing feeling to it. The vocals are so exotic. This is the type of song you would probably listen to at a Renaissance Fair. However, you could listen to the song anytime you want. There is a certain dream aspect to the song which makes you feel like you are hearing something that is taking you to another time and place.

Another great thing about this song, is that when you listen to the vocals, you feel almost as though the lead vocalist Céline Schmink is allowing you to feel what she feels. You can hear the emotion in her voice as well as the melodic tune her voice has. She is also fantastic with the pronunciation of the words which come from a Fae based world. So to have someone who is able to reach that sort of oneness with the world they are singing about, shows that this singer is in touch with her imaginative side.

pochettezimOther aspects of this song, which make it even more intriguing to listen to are the background vocals which are performed by the lead vocalists husband Camille. So when it comes to a song that is based on a fantasy world, having a husband and wife team makes the song fully come to life. It’s not something you hear every day. And usually the Fae world is based on love and peace. So when you see a husband and wife working together on their song, it allows you to fully respect the Fae world and the peace that we see in it.

The overall production of the song is absolutely wonderful. Every part of the song comes in perfectly, which is not something we normally see. There is so much music in the world these days, that make us question reality at times. So having a song which allows you to escape to another world is something we could use more of in the contemporary genre of music.

visuel3Not only are there heavenly voices coming from the lead vocalist and her husband, but there is also a bit of Opera in the background which adds a little something extra to this song. It also makes the song a bit more exotic and entrancing.

Seeing a singer/songwriter have a first track that is this well put together, is visuel4absolutely unbelievable. We are sure to expect more fantastic and dreamy things come out of this group. They will continue to bring us to new and exciting worlds as we watch them grow and expand into an even more amazing group than they already are. It can be really exciting to see a group as they just begin their fun journey through life.

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