Turn your photos into multi-page printable posters with Biggify

Turn your photos into multi-page printable posters with Biggify

Technology has been doing wonders since last few year. Just take the photography field, now you can do a lot of things with your simply taken pictures. There are so many apps in the app stores and android play store for adding makeup to your picture or adding frames etc. But an app I recently came across has really impressed me. The app is called ‘Biggify’ and it can turn your photos into multi-page posters that you can print yourself.

Yes that’s correct. Most of the apps just give you an option to add frames of animations to your pics but you are not able to save them or print them properly. But with Biggify you can not only save the pic you have created but you can also print it right from your phone or iPad. There is so much you can do with this app. You can line up the pages to make a mosaic, or overlap and rotate them to create dramatic new art. And all that with a few clicks, nothing complicated about this app.

In short Biggify is an art of enlarging your picture. From the tiny mobile screen to a poster that can be printed.

As far as process of converting your picture to the poster is concerned it’s pretty easy.

  • Open the app and tap the Camera button to add a photo.
  • Now you need to add the page on top, for that Tap the Page button.
  • Next part is to select the parts you want. For that drag, rotate, and overlap the pages to reveal the parts you want.
  • Now you can either print the pages you created or and post them on your wall.
  • In case you want to save your poster, you can just tap the “<” button and you are done.

So it’s actually pretty simple and even a layman can use it.

The actually Biggify app is FREE and comes with the free lifestyle sticker pack. But for more stickers there are other stickers that come with the app for purchase.

So what are you waiting for ? Don’t you want to biggify your picture? Download Biggify today in the App store here.

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