5 Beauty Sleep Tips That Will Leave You Feeling Amazing

5 Beauty Sleep Tips That Will Leave You Feeling Amazing

Tired of looking and feeling tired every time you get up in the morning?  A full concealer may hide the black shadows under your eyes, but you can’t really get rid of the tiredness just by applying makeup each morning.  Instead, you need to work on improving your sleep.  Check out the below tips that will have you looking fresh and ready for the day each and every morning.

1. Enjoy a Facemask Power Nap

Few of us have the time to go to spas and enjoy pamper sessions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in a quick session at home.  In fact, you can even buy high-tech facemasks that act as a power nap for your skin – Estee Lauder sell a brilliant one for about $20.  These masks pump your skin with hyaluronic acid, nature’s own moisture magnet.  The mask makes your skin look fresher and younger, which can only be a good thing after a busy weekend.

2. Hydrate

If you go to bed feeling dehydrated every night, you’re not doing your skin any favors.  Add in a poor night’s sleep and your skin will be left dry and unsightly.  Before you go to bed, enjoy a nice soda water or a coconut shake.  Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and cola as these will only dehydrate you further and keep you awake.

3. Focus on Your Bedding

You’re not going to sleep very well if your bedding makes you too hot or cold, if your pillow is uncomfortable and if the fabric of your sheets makes you itch.  If you can afford to, invest in some high thread count bedding and a pillow that suits the way you sleep.  Indreviews.com has a guide to the best pillows for those who sleep on their back, for example.

4. Keep Makeup Remover in Your Bedroom

It’s never a good idea to go to sleep wearing your makeup as it can clog your pores and lead to greasy feeling skin.  However, after a late night out the last thing most women want to do is start removing their makeup and cleansing their face ready for bed.  To help encourage you to at least remove your makeup, leave a bottle of makeup remover along with some cotton buds in your bedroom.  Trust us, you’ll be more inclined to remove it!

5. Ditch the Distractions

Technology may have made it easier than ever for us to watch entertainment on the go, but it’s also leading to poor sleep habits.  Try and avoid using technology in the bedroom before you go to sleep as the lights on these devices will keep your brain awake making it hard to get to sleep.  It can also help to keep a small notepad next to your bed, so if you’re struggling to sleep because you’re thinking about all the things you need to do tomorrow, you can jot them down to free your mind of the distraction.

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