Top Careers In The Service Sector And How to Get Them


Careers in the service sector are incredibly sought after and are excellent options for people looking for fulfilling and lifelong careers that focus on helping others, working towards improving your community, and passing on knowledge and care. If you are looking at a career in the service sector, this guide will help you to establish what steps you need to take to secure a career in the service sector as well as the types of roles on offer.

  • Police

The police force are consistently focused on fighting crime, making a country more secure, and improving communities through their presence and awareness campaigns. As someone looking to go into the police force, there are many different roles available which can cater towards your individual skills, such as police officers, detectives, and more specific roles such as community support officers, a role perfect for those looking for a career focused on helping others. However, the long hours and importance of the roles means that you need to be dedicated and committed at all times, and prepared for the strain of the role. If you are looking at working towards a role in the police force, you should follow the link to find out more about how to gain a degree in policing and law enforcement and how this can help you to advance your career and leadership skills.

  • Education

If you are looking for a career in the service sector, then you should also consider education, a popular career choice for those taking a range for degrees that have transferable skills such as communication and writing. Education is a great career for those looking to pass on knowledge to others and find a fulfilling career in which they can be proud of helping others to meet their achievements. There is a range of roles in education, such as teachers, teaching assistants, and college professors, and each of these has different requirements due to the age range of the students. Not only this, but you could also consider becoming a private tutor where you can work your own hours and be self-employed. To become a teacher, you should check the qualifications that you will need, including a teaching diploma, and look at schemes that tie this in with real-world experience at the same time.

  • Finance

There are a range of roles in finance which make excellent career choices for those looking for opportunities to progress. Careers in finance range from opportunities such as bankers, where you will be working for a centrally organized business, to becoming an accountant or financial consultant, where you will be self-employed and will be handling other’s finances and helping people to improve their financial situations through your advice and knowledge of the industry. To become these, you should consider taking relevant degrees such as economics, and finding internships and apprenticeships with the relevant companies, through which you can get experience and work your way up to management.

  • Professional Services

Professional services is a broad subject, and this may suit people with a wide variety of skills or with specific interests. Most people working in professional services choose to work independently to provide their service, and these include architects, consultants and lawyers, for example. This is a particularly excellent option then for people who have other commitments or who plan to work from home when need be. These people provide a service based on their previous experience and own skills and which they can share with others. To start a career based on a professional service, you should ensure that you have all of the experience necessary through taking the right qualifications, finding work experience and apprenticeships in your sector, and by making sure that you have the right paperwork and licenses if your chosen career needs them. You may also choose to sign up to a union who can help you if you find yourself with problems from clients, payment, or pastoral issues.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare is the perfect profession to go into if you are interested in helping people or want to care for people in need. Although not everyone can become a brain surgeon, there are many different healthcare professions that you can look at, including doctors, nurses, surgeons, receptionists, mental health practitioners and counselors. This ensures that you can use your unique set of skills and experience to help someone in need. To become a doctor, you will need a medical degree that is recognized by the appropriate governing body, foundation training as a Junior doctor, and then specialist training if you are looking at having a specialism rather than becoming a general practitioner. Whereas to become a counselor, you will not need a degree, and can instead take a course provided by a professional organization in your country and then gain practical experience through a range of jobs such as working for an agency or an advisory organization, for example. By doing this, you will be able to increase your opportunities in the service sector by ensuring that a wide range of careers are open to you.

  • Media

A greatly different option to those mentioned above is a career in the media, which is also counted as part of the service and tertiary sector of employment. This can include a number of different careers that are vital to both press, publishing and entertainment, such as writing, editing and production. Although there are a wide range of degrees which can cater towards this, such as English and Journalism degrees, media is an industry which looks for many transferrable skills such as good written communications skills, and which focuses on experience instead, which you can find through applying to popular work experience schemes with large media companies online.

Although getting a career in the service sector can seem difficult, with the right preparation, education and knowledge, you will be able to start your career with a boost. From media to nursing, there are a wide range of careers in the service sector, meaning that there is a career for you, no matter what your skills are.

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