Furniture Arrangement Ideas for a Small Living Room

Furniture Arrangement Ideas for a Small Living Room


Small living rooms can sometimes prove to be a challenge. It’s easy for the space to seem cluttered and without spatial freedom there is a lack of creative freedom. Don’t stress – small living rooms can be as fun to style and allows for design opportunity that focuses mainly on scale.

Similar to designing any room of your house of any size, it is important to create a plan before you commence putting your room together. Measuring and deciding on your main furniture pieces before you continue into looking at accessories is necessary in the process.

You should look for furniture stores, with products that will  fit perfectly into your space and offer furniture style ideas to assist in your journey. An interior that will match your design taste and our extensive list of living furniture provides opportunity to either pair furniture of colour and material or successfully mix and match.


Storage Is Key

Presumably, if your living room is small, your house may also be small. This means that storage is important to keeping your house tidy and organised.

The storage solution of a small living space is to hide storage within your furniture, or, find opportunity in accessories to store your goods.

Our Marbella Storage Bench ($379.00) can double as both a foot stool by your couch and a secret storage unit. Or, try putting a buffet in your living room. Choose a buffet that has doors that are solid, so you can hide the storage and eliminate stress about it being on display. The Oslo Small Buffet ($798.00) is charming. Pop some fun art pieces on the top of your buffet to add extra character!

A fun storage idea is to hang things on your wall. Hang anything from your bike to your hats on the wall. Not only is this practical, but unique. Set your home apart from the rest and create something interesting.


What Will You Be Using Your Living Room For?

In deciding how to specifically arrange your living room, understand what the purpose of the room is. Is your living room for lounging around and watching TV? Will your living room mostly be used for social occasions? The answers to these questions will guide your decision making.

These days it is becoming more common to not watch TV. Subsequently, instead of wasting space on an appliance that is not being used, remove this part of your living room and make use of the area in different ways. Open up the room and indulge in larger couches or armchairs. Why not replace it all together with an old-fashioned book shelf? Knowing the purpose of each room in your house is important in your design journey.


A room that is being used for lounging around and watching TV deserves a comfy couch and sitting area. The Mason 2 Seater Sofa ($1229.00) is one of small stature, ideal for a tiny space. Made from the comfy and inviting material of polyester, you will never want to leave the couch.

Make a strict decision on whether you want a space filled with big furniture and a small number of accessories, or, small furniture and lots of accessories. Having both can risk having a room that is messy and leave you feeling on edge and uncomfortable. Aim to build an area that is inviting and welcoming.


A room with large furniture pieces serves for practicality and comfort. Opting for matching furniture in this situation means you can play with colour and pattern among other elements of the room, like wall art or a fun rug!

If you have chosen to use small furniture, contemplate mix and matching your furniture. Consider the scale and choose furniture of different colour and textures. Choose two different arm chairs like the Harriett Chair ($499.00) which is a royal blue with the pastel pink Claremont Chair ($375.00) and match them with a coffee table or TV cabinet to create balance.

A small living room can be as fun and stylish as any large living space, so give it the attention it deserves in the design process. Focus on creating a space this balanced in scale and as equally exciting in colour and texture.


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