The ReAble Wallet App – Financial independence for intellectually disable people

The ReAble Wallet App – Financial independence for intellectually disable people

Regardless of the magnitude of the amount spent, small or large, we do make transactions everyday. If you have the income, got the money to spend, you will surely buy things, services and utilize these funds to fulfil your needs. Spending money is easy but keeping a track of every transaction you made is the tough part. No matter how much you got, you won’t be successful unless you manage the finances. There are so many apps available for managing the finances for general people, professionals and businessmen but what about those who who face intellectual disabilities? Around 3% of the population around the world face such cognitive challenges and I never came across any such app or software that can help them out until I finally found ReAble Wallet App.

ReAble Wallet App Launch has enabled the financial independence for these neglected 3% people globally. Emile Sawaya, CEO ReAble came through such consequences where he felt the need of such program that can enable such people who got any kind of intellectual disability that prevents them from keeping a record of their transactions and manage their finances properly and handsomely. So with the help of his Co-founder Paul who is a technology geek, he got the inspiration to launch ReAble.

ReAbleReAble is a global social enterprise whose mission is to provide universal access to the inherent right of financial independence through the use of technology and human-centric development.

Although the idea was clear and the decision was made about the launch of something that can prove to be useful for the people we have been neglecting, but Emile Sawaya took special care about even smallest details of this issue. An extensive research was made, hundred of parents, teachers and experts around the world were interviewed that resulted in the conclusion that the inability to manage their funds properly by these special needs people is the biggest hurdle in the way to their success.

Hence the The ReAble Wallet was launched as the best solution to such problems. It is the first ever mobile application which helps users with cognitive challenges track their finances and transact independently and safely. Powered by a unique tailored user interface that was built in collaboration with experts and countless iterations, Wallet guides users step by step through the process of conducting a payment using the optimal combination of bills at hand and then validates that the correct change is returned.

Best things about this app is the feature that enables Parents/Guardians to keep a check of the transactions made by their dependents. They are informed in real time of all financial transactions taking place. So even though they are unable to keep a check on the finances but still through this app they are able to grant their loved one’s independence to spend the funds the way they like to.

ReAble Wallet is a multi-language supported app currently supporting English, Arabic, French, German,Bahasa Indonesia and Afrikaans (Hopefully more languages will be added by them in future). Apart from that they provide you the opportunity to manage your finances in your own Currency, making things even more simple for you.Currently the app is supporting currencies such as US Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars,Swedish Kroner, UAE Dirham, British Pounds and South African Raands.

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So finally the solution as simple as ReAble Wallet is there to help out those who have been living around us but their minor disability was making financial life harder for them. So in case you are the one or you know someone who desperately needs such app you can refer him or his parent/ guardian to this app. As its good innovative app and definitely needs our support and attention. And best thing is, it’s Free of charge at the moment. Yes, as part of their community based approach ReAble is offering a one year subscription to The ReABle Wallet completely free of charge on the Android Playstore to all users in community during the first month of their launch in an effort to make sure that no one in need is left behind.

So grab the opportunity and Download The ReAble Wallet Now


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