The Maker World Offers Quality Handmade Goods Made By Skilled Makers

The Maker World Offers Quality Handmade Goods Made By Skilled Makers

The Maker World is an endeavor to bring to market products made with love from skilled, small to medium-sized makers from all over the world. They are glad to be part of a small but growing group of conscious e-commerce brands. Their goal is to pay makers fair market value for their products so they can keep making products at their capacity, pay sustainable wages, and keep the trades alive. In addition, they contribute back to maker communities for their preservation and continued growth by facilitating tools, training, apprenticing, and other materials as needed.

Many skilled makers, worldwide, struggle to make ends meet due to mass-production and low priced product dumping; a purchase with The Maker World, contributes to shifting the pendulum back in the other direction. Buying better, more adequately priced goods, and knowing that your maker is receiving appropriate pay for their goods, makes for a better world; one where our future generations can see the means to earn a decent living from their skills, abilities, and creativity.


They feature all kinds of largely handmade goods in materials that last such as handbags and accessories. One unique item that has drawn attention is their leather, handbag accessories; A great stocking stuffer for cat lovers and conscious buyers. It is their Cuddle-Me Cat Key Ring/Charm – No two are alike, just as our cats, but they are a beautiful representation of the kitty you love. Find them at

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