The journey to his next adventure

The journey to his next adventure

With all of the stories that we read everyday, whether it be a news article or a piece from a book, we are learning that writers are getting more creative. Allow me to introduce you to a very well seasoned creative writer by the name of Ary Chest. His 3rd novel coming out on May 19th, entitled “Together in Secrecy” is about A Navy cadet who is discharged for homosexuality after the Korean War and is left to survive in San Francisco.

One mistake can change a life forever. Effren Gorgens committed the worst sin of all. Caught up in the influence of another man’s impulse, he engages in erotic acts on a Navy ship. His travels back to America turn dark when he’s dishonorably discharged, and stranded alone in San Francisco. He struggles to make peace with an unforgivable vice while building a new life in a strange world. Yet a man’s true identity can never be fought off. Living with homosexual desires is hard. A homosexual falling in love can be deadly.

Ary was inspired to write this novel because its a huge chunk of history that isn’t very well known outside of a few local museums and is fascinating, he claimed. “San Francisco at the time was a unique blend of high society and secret societies living closely.” Said chest. His situation of getting booted out of the navy for homosexuality activity and stranded alone in San Francisco was a reality for a lot of people and very little personal stories exited of it, so he wrote one himself. “Everyone loves stories of survival, this one is about surviving in a lot of different ways at once.

“Together in Secrecy” can be purchased here

For more info on Ary Chest, visit his instagram @Arychest

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