Dr. LaVern McCants’ Book for Boys, is Headed Toward a Bestseller

Dr. LaVern McCants’ Book for Boys, is Headed Toward a Bestseller

If you have gone through my last post about Dr. LaVern McCants, you can judge by my words, she has definitely impressed me. Her writing style, her method of presenting the issues, her choice of words is amazing.

Most of her books are about girls and girlish issues. So I was of the opinion, “Dr. LaVern McCants is a female-oriented writer whose writings are based on her personal life events and what she has observed in her surrounding”. But her recent book for boys has proved me wrong and my opinion has changed about her.

Her abilities and knowledge are not limited to girls and women. She is equally talented with her writings about boys. Dr. LaVern McCants is a deep observer with a natural ability to take out the solution to problems she observes. So she pens down these issues along with their solution and shows the points out the right way to tackle these problems.

After going through this book I can predict,

Dr. LaVern McCants’ Book for Boys, From Boy to Manhood: Every Boy Has an Opportunity to Become a Great Man is Headed Toward a Bestseller.”

It’s one of the most influential and informative books for teenage boys. She has pointed out even meager looking issues faced by growing boys that are usually ignored by other writers. All that makes this book a perfect companion for teenage boys.

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