Author Dr. LaVern McCants and her inpiring bestsellers!

Author Dr. LaVern McCants and her inpiring bestsellers!

Dr. LaVern McCants is one of the most promising, inspiring, and motivational writers around. Most of her writings focus on the personal and social issues faced by youth. Her writing style, her selection of words, everything about her writing is very unique and inspiring. That’s what earned her so many bestsellers. 

Her recent books “Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule-Changerand “Wise Girl Talk” has won appreciation from both readers and critics. She has been featured on top-notch news sites and magazines. The top-quality writing and themes of her books have earned her a place on the covers of so many lifestyle magazines.

Apart from being an inspiration for thousands of youngsters because of her writing, she has also become a style icon for girls. She definitely knows how to look gorgeous and stylish. Along with reading her books, I would also recommend my readers to follow her for the latest fashion ideas.

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