Kris Degioia- the female version of Tony Stark

Kris Degioia- the female version of Tony Stark

If you are active on social media, you must be familiar with the multi-talented Kris Degioia. The Greater Nashville Area, TN based Kris Degioia knows very well how to be successful in all the aspects of life. And for those who are not much familiar with Kris Degioia, she is the CEO at WTF MultiMedia, Co-Founder at Mom & TotBox, Cryptic and Founder of Savage & Fierce.

And here is how she introduces herself

“I am the female version of Tony Stark so please try to keep up”

She started her professional journey with WTF Multi-media. Actually it’s an IT Company that offers SEO, online advertising, website development, strategy and consulting, content marketing, social media management and web design services to their clients all across the globe. The company started as a small firm but within a short span of time it has become one of the biggest firms of the city having worldwide clientage.

As we have already mentioned her success is not limited to any particular field of life. Apart from putting her IT company on the route to success she has been running other business masterly as well. And the latest addition to this is the recently launched New Line Savage&Fierce® . It’s a Men’s and Women’s sunglass line By KD. The Brand KD was developed by Kris Degioia and Award Winning Designer Mel Whaley. Kris Degioia created Savage&Fierce® in response to the growing demand for a reliable and efficient platform that specializes in the sales of high-quality clothing for women.

So far we have discussed what she has achieved in professional life. But what about her life in general? She has been labelled as SUPER WOMEN, the one who can do anything, who can achieve the impossible through her will power. She has been influencing the Social Media through her strong communication skills and inspiring personality. Surely a role model for 100s of thousands of women out there. Not only as a successful entrepreneur and human being but also as a strong mother and social worker.

A real fighter who knows how to become a game changer.

Even though she tends to keep her life private but still you can find more information and updates on Kris on the following links.

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