Super Chic Office Supplies to Dress Up Your Desk

Super Chic Office Supplies to Dress Up Your Desk

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No matter what kind of office you work in or what kind of job you have, it’s really hard to make that desk feel like it’s yours. In fact, many of us neglect the concept of personalisation at all when it comes to our professional lives. By bringing elements of your unique personality into your workspace, you’ll be making your environment more comfortable and enjoyable for yourself, without interrupting your day to day tasks – so why do so many of us settle for humdrum supplies and accessories? You spend the majority of your day at work, so consider grabbing yourself a few chic office supplies to dress up the desk and brighten your day…


Desk Calendar 

Desk calendars are probably the easiest way of bringing some gorgeous personal style to your desk, whilst also introducing a little organisation and structure to your working day. You can find so many different designs to establish your own aesthetic to your space, look for understated leather bound styles to keep it clean and corporate, Kraft paper for a rustic scene or opt for a pop of colour to make your scheduling time fun.


Fountain Pen 

A fountain pen is a beautiful relic that carries a whole lot of old world elegance and sophistication, and if you love to pen a few notes throughout the day then there’s little else out there that’s going to give you such a smooth and luxurious writing experience. Look for solid gold or silver if you want to keep it classic or search for a more contemporary stainless steel for a more contemporary feel. These look fantastic sitting on any desk, and they’re majorly functional too.



Come on, you didn’t think you’d get through a stationary list without hearing about succulents did you? Nope, not here! Succulents are a green thumb favourite because they are subtle, very cool, healthy for your air and they require little to no upkeep on a day to day basis! Gather a small collection of three in colourful pots for a touch of desert chic, reminding you of the wider world that’s waiting out there for you.


Mini Easel 

If you’re a creative at heart and you’re looking for a cute way of shaking up your workspace, you need a mini easel sitting on your desk. This can support notes, notebooks, photos of your nearest and dearest or even some mini office art that you’ve been up to during think breaks.


Black Board 

A black board or pin board is such a cool addition to any office, and it will be a great way of getting organised if you have trouble with keeping track of things. You can add artwork, reminders, notes and inspirational images to get you going throughout the day.


Note Organiser 

If you don’t fancy putting up your notes for the workplace to see, you can always opt for a small note organiser to sit on your desk. You’ll be able to leaf through your post-it-notes and sheets of random paper to find that one idea you had one day last week, in style!



We all deserve a warm mug of tea, an energising coffee or a fresh cup of water throughout the day, and what better place to rest your beverage than a colourful ceramic coaster? Look for a tile style for a hint of Mediterranean chic, or go for a fun graphic style to make you smile.

There’s nothing you can’t conquer with these office supplies by your side! Remember, work doesn’t have to mean that you lose yourself in your office environment, keep it personal to keep those spirits up!


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