M. Curtis McCoy’s inspirational success story

M. Curtis McCoy’s inspirational success story

Anyone who follows the personal development niche has probably heard of M. Curtis McCoy. You may have seen videos of the influencer in flashy cars or on luxury estates but today, we’re digging deeper into his story.

After being diagnosed with brain cancer and given only 2-3 months to live, this man not only recovered from a terminal diagnosis but now he’s launched a number of successful companies. He’s written multiple best-seller books and speaks at global venues while attracting millions of loyal followers. Now, he’s using his fame and celebrity to help his fans reach a global audience as well!

Curtis grew up fighting Type-1 diabetes and temporarily lost the ability to speak or communicate as he fought to survive brain cancer. Frequent seizures and memory loss were only part of the problem. After being given a 0% chance of survival, McCoy’s family took him for alternative treatment at a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

Economically drowned, left with little hope of survival, and unable to remember minor events, such as if he had taken his insulin shots, he lost the ability to drive, live alone, or even travel to the grocery store without assistance.

Instead of losing hope and giving up, or succumbing to a helpless attitude, he began working again to regain and even surpass his previous success. Before being diagnosed with brain cancer, McCoy owned a number of companies in various industries including medical, retail, technology, software development, fashion, and even health and fitness ventures.

M. Curtis McCoy

Many of us know M. Curtis McCoy as a social Influencer, author of several best-selling personal development books, and founder of Success, Motivation & Inspiration. He is a great example of never giving up, even when you have a good excuse to do so.

If you’re already connected with Curtis on social media, you’ve seen the interviews he does with members of the Success, Motivation & Inspiration group, live on his M. Curtis McCoy influencer page. If you’re just joining in and looking for a platform to share your entrepreneurial successes or inspirational stories, we recommend reaching out to connect with him! Each of the conversations we’ve seen with him is like sitting at a coffee shop, watching two successful buddies sharing ideas, insights, failures, and lessons learned in business. These conversations are not only interesting but extremely satisfying to watch.

M. Curtis McCoy motivational speaker

Curtis McCoy has proved that if you keep on pushing with a positive mindset and choose to surround yourself with positive people, success becomes your fate. If you’re going through a tough time, just keep going! Don’t stop now!

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Curtis loves sharing his platform with entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams. If you’d like to be interviewed, connect with him on https://facebook.com/MCurtisMcCoy/


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