Prove Your Worth: 5 Tips for Proving You Deserve a Pay Rise

Photo: Fab Lentz / Unsplash

Many workers believe they should be paid more than they are but lack the confidence or ability to prove it to their employer. As a result, many of us are left working for less than we’re worth or working at a job we know is below our capabilities. 

The key to convincing your employer that you deserve a pay rise is to get them to understand exactly what your value to the company is and then build an airtight case to prove it. Before you can convince your boss that a pay rise is justified, you must believe it yourself. Follow these tips to prove you deserve that raise now. 

1. Have New Knowledge or a New Skill? Make Sure Your Boss Knows

Nobody ever gets ahead by being shy. If you’ve recently acquired a new skill or knowledge that’s pertinent to your position and your ability to do your job, make sure your boss knows. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge or gain a new skill set, find tutors online or discuss furthering your education with your employer. In a lot of cases, employers are willing to fund a further education if it will enable you to do your job better. At any rate, broader education and new skill sets are definitely worthy of pay rise consideration. 

2. Strive to Do More

It’s good if you always meet your deadlines, but it’s even better if you go above and beyond every chance you get. Strive to do more, and keep a record of how your can-do actions have benefited the company. Ask for customer reviews, and gather growth statistics that show what a valuable contribution you make to the company on a daily basis. If your employer isn’t one to notice on their own, politely present them with this information when you ask for a raise. 

3. Are You a Leader?

Do you naturally take charge and problem-solve without being asked? Do coworkers turn to you for guidance when new projects arise? If so, you exhibit natural leadership skills that deserve compensation. Not everyone has the ability to lead, but if you do and aren’t to ask for what you think you’re worth, you need to bring it to your boss’s attention. Be sure to offer examples of when you have led the team and how your leadership skills have contributed to the success of a given project. 

Remember, value your abilities, and then prove you’re worth the pay rise. 

4. Detail Initiatives You’ve Taken

Did you convince an old colleague to bring business to your company? Perhaps you had an idea that successfully increased your customer base. These initiatives are worth something, so show your employer actual results to prove you deserve a pay rise. 

5. Are You an Innovator?

Some people are born innovators – constantly looking for ways to enhance, improve, or save money. If this is you, detail to your boss the many ways you’ve made your workplace better, saved money, or brought in new business with your innovative ideas. Outline your accomplishments in monetary terms, which might encourage them to reward you with a pay rise. 

There are several ways to convince your boss you deserve a pay rise, but sitting back and being quiet isn’t one of them. If you’ve acquired a new skill, gone above and beyond, constantly taken the lead with new projects, or enhanced operations to save time and money, you deserve to be considered for a raise and should bring it to your employer’s attention. Use the tips above to back up your request. 

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