Top Attributes of a Critical Care Nurse

Top Attributes of a Critical Care Nurse

The Intensive Care Unit is one of the most crucial sections in any health institution. As it is, this particular unit does not mince staff regarding skills. They need to keep up with the high demands of patients who are most helpless and in dire need of utmost attention—the kind of patients they deal with daily.

It is safe to say that critical care nurses and other members of the medical team in the ICU are of a different breed. They have to be if you want to maintain your hospital’s credibility in providing outstanding service to the public. In that case, an efficient medical recruitment company that could provide suitable staff makes for a valuable partner. You need to maintain a certain standard in placing people in this part of the organization, ensuring they meet the job description and are equipped with the right skill set and mindset.

ICU nurses vs. other nurses

All nurses are similarly designated key responsibilities to care for patients and keep up with their demands. In addition, they are there to help ailing people manage their needs and improve their health conditions.

But there is one significant difference between ICU nurses and those working in other units: the patient-to-nurse ratio. While most nurses may be assigned to four or five patients at a time, those in critical care units strive for one or two at the most. It seems like a big swing, and it is, because ICU patients require more attention due to the severity of their conditions. And that’s not all. 

The stakes are high at the ICU

Whatever duties and roles nurses play in a healthcare institution, those assigned in the ICU sometimes need to deliver them ten-folds.

Critical care nurses face difficult situations fairly frequently in their pursuit of successful patient recovery. Emergencies are quite common in their field, typically requiring intensive monitoring and excellent response. They also need to keep the charts extremely organized so passing along the duty to the next shift’s nurse could be smooth. Lastly, they also tend to handle more equipment, treatments, medications, and instructions than usual. How could they do all those and more? That’s why they need to exemplify specific skills geared towards combatting complex care challenges.

The top three attributes of ICU nurses are:

  • They are learners. Nurses can’t learn it all in the academy, so they need to stay open to every opportunity for training for intensive care. To master the care technology and delivery is essential to perform tasks effectively.
  • They are patient advocates. There are many facets to critical care than meet the eye. But, primarily, it is about standing by their patients’ side, having their backs regardless of the situation or even where it leads.
  • They are excellent communicators. If dealing with patients with serious medical conditions is difficult, dealing with their families and loved ones covered in fear, anxiety, and agitation is much more. That’s where their interpersonal skills could come in handy.

Where the stakes are high, manpower should deliver. That’s the healthcare facility’s duty.

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