Students are using Papertakers to help get their homework and essays done

There are only a few guarantees in life. Death, taxes, and students will do just about anything to pass in the classroom. One of the ways students are getting ahead in the class is the utilization of academic platforms such as Chegg, Quizlet, and Students are often under heavy stress and burdened to juggle between working, internships, sports, and classroom studies. Which is likely why many are using sites like Papertakers to hire freelancers to assist with getting their schoolwork done.

What is PaperTakers?

Unlike many websites that advertise themselves to be assignment and essay completion services. The platform serves instead as an open marketplace for students to post their academic projects, and for freelancers to freely join and find work. Students and freelancers talk with each other in private message rooms and exchange documents. Papertakers also acts as a payment protection/escrow service, as the platform holds the funds of students and releases the funds to freelancers when students’ express satisfaction with the work.

Students can freely choose their freelancer by assessing their work history, reviews, education level, and other factors prior to hiring them. A rep with the platform states “We believe that clients should know who they’re working with, without fear of being scammed, manipulated, or blackmailed. Which unfortunately is common with scam/foreign websites that operate out of Ukraine and Nigeria.”

Academic dishonesty a major issue?

When asked about the concern of the site being a breeding ground for academic dishonesty. The owner, Lando had his own comments. “The intent of the site is for students to receive model essays and assignments as research guides to help navigate them through their own studies. Students can use these guides to help better understand their own assigned homework/test material. It’s obvious we have a lot that use our platform to get their homework done. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know who the bad apples are and why they’re hiring a freelancer. Due to our policy of confidentiality, it’s not our business to inquire.”

What does the future hold for PaperTakers?

“The goal is to continue to grow, ensure students are protected on the platform, as well as continuing to provide a place for freelancers to earn a living and find work. The goal is complete transparency in everything we do, to continue to instill trust in our platform. We’re based out of Delaware, regulated and compliant within the state as a business, and we’re only continuing to elevate. We also take out any special interest, as other “write my essay” and “do my homework” businesses work in-house. Which means it’s in their best interest to protect their own freelancers instead of clients. Since our site is a marketplace, our only interest is to ensure both parties are upholding their side of the agreement!”

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