Protect and Cleanse, with Klēnskin

Protect and Cleanse, with Klēnskin

Applying heavy, greasy sunscreen before embarking on a long day is the last thing on our mind. Although the sun is essential to both our health and the environment, extended exposure can be tremendously damaging to your delicate, often unprotected skin.

Enter Klēnskin. Klēnskin is a technological advancement in terms of how we protect our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of prolonged sun exposure. Klēnskin understands that we do not always treat our skin with respect, so to make preventing sun damage easier, the company has created in-shower sunscreens. No matter how much damage you think you’ve already done to your skin, Klēnskin’s options allow you to become proactive in your protection, with easy to use products.

Klēnskin is the solution for the skin care novice who wants to be more proactive in how they approach their daily routine with simple to use, broad-spectrum, SPF 30 formulas. The minds behind Klēnskin want to ensure that you’re getting the protection you need, everywhere you need it. Klēnskin offers the ease of three-in- one body wash and bar soaps that allow you to skip the hassle of traditional sunscreens, while still supplying you with head-to- toe protection. Whether you have sensitive skin or are looking to protect the whole family, Klēnskin offers convenient products for your needs.


The rich and creamy shower and bath products lather up and moisturize just like your favorite body wash. The only difference is, this body wash can protect your entire body from the sun. Neither heavy, nor carrying the overpowering smells of other sunscreens, Klēnskin functions as a daily base layer of protection from the damaging effects of sun exposure. All you need to do is take a shower! Nothing can speed up your morning routine quite like the convenience of a shampoo, face, and body wash in one bottle.

These innovative products are incredibly easy to use! There are three velvety, body wash options and a bar soap alternative. They are non-allergenic and help to maintain the natural oils in your skin, keeping it well hydrated and moisturized. You can shower, apply your daily moisturizer, and move on with your day.

Most of us forget to thoroughly protect every inch of ourselves. From our scalps, to the tops of our shoulders, to our hands, every inch of exposed skin on our bodies needs to be shielded. Klēnskin makes the daily act of sun protection second-nature, providing you with effective protection from your everyday sunscreen. To find out more about how Klēnskin can protect and preserve your skin, visit their online shop at–


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