Functional Fashion Accessories in Bewitching Shades for Spring by Maria Cardelli

Functional Fashion Accessories in Bewitching Shades for Spring by Maria Cardelli

Spring has arrived and we can finally shed our all black uniforms for lighter shades. There is a hint of romance in the warm breeze, a feeling of revival and splendor throughout. This spring is about the natural blending of calm and chaotic, specifically in the color department. This spring is about the bicolor carry-all by accessory designer Maria Cardelli.

Maria Cardelli’s bicolor bag embraces shades for this spring in the form of structured, leather carry-alls for a new class of style brave. The bicolor is available in dual shades mixing a bold, vibrant color with a subtle pastel. Cardelli has taken clear inspiration from the Pantone appointed colors of spring, with her calf leather creations appearing in tones reminiscent of pink, blue, and green shades. It’s a bag for the woman with an unconventional sense of style who appreciates a fusion of fashion and function. This season, wear your bicolor in Cipria & Lipstick, Arctic-Royal, or Lime-Grass to add a dash of intrigue to an undoubtedly blithe spring wardrobe.

Maria Cardelli bicolor

The bicolor bag is visually intriguing when paired with any look; it is fabulous and effortlessly cool. It’s the function and detail of the bag, however, that make it a necessity for the perpetually busy woman. Maria Cardelli keeps the woman on the go in mind with her bicolor bag design, offering secure enclosures for both a laptop and tablet, and even more space for notebooks, make up, and endless tubes of lip gloss. The gold zipper and closers are as soft as the leather from which the bag was crafted.

Cardelli’s design is truly for the quirky fashionista, unafraid to declare the type of woman she is through her personal style. She views every piece of wardrobe as a work of art, precisely in line with how Maria Cardelli views her accessories. The bicolor carry-all is art that is ready-to- wear. The former fashion illustrator is well-versed in functioning artwork, making a beautiful impact in women’s fashion through accessories.

The bicolor palette is complimentary to each defining shade of spring, with the Cipria & Lipstick and Arctic-Royal options pairing well with additional muted pastels and Lime-Grass pairing well with various bold shades. Cardelli’s crafting of the luxurious bicolor carry-all is the ideal everyday accessory, seamlessly carrying you through hectic work days and happy hour cocktails.

This spring declare your personal style in the fashion forward bicolor carry-all by Maria Cardelli. Showcase your sense of style with a sturdy, show stopping accessory you’ll be infatuated with for years to come. This season’s shades are meant to be interpreted creatively, and Cardelli’s expression of the modern shades through her bicolor carry-all displays true artistry. Find the bicolor you need to add an edge to your wardrobe in the Cardelli collection available in her online boutique –


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