Feel Transformed with Alijst Jewelry

Feel Transformed with Alijst Jewelry

These days, it seems like you can stick a Band-Aid onto a canvas and declare it as art. Being able to appreciate modern art is an acquired taste, but what if you can wear art as an accessory? And no, I am not talking about hanging a painting around your neck. Inspired by art and culture, Alijst Jewelry brings you the most avant-garde accessories with a modern twist, which makes them wearable on any occasion.

Designed by Netherlands-Indonesian native Stacy Noz and Singapore jewelry designer Jil Lin, Alijst provides you with the most elaborate jewelry collection that is available in the contemporary market. Noz and Lin’s divergent backgrounds contribute to the eclectic designs that are exhibited in their jewelry pieces. The 18 karat gold plated 925 sterling silver pieces are reconfigured into the finest jewelry, which exudes sophistication at first glance. Noz and Lin collaborated to create designs that redefine the traditional ideas of femininity with, “Subtle designs yet loud expressions.”

Alijst Jewelry

Their AW 2015 Domina Collection offers a selection that spans from necklaces to bracelets, which means that you can drape your body with their opulent pieces from the neck down. Each piece is uniquely charming in their design, but subtle enough to be worn together for a more dramatic look. For instance, the “Dominijke” is a gold plated choker with a long black leather tassel that dangles gracefully down your bareback. When you walk into the room, the slender gold choker that elegantly encircles your neck will draw attention to the center of your outfit. As you turn your back to the envious eyes staring at your choker, the beautiful leather tassel that sways with your every subtle move will continue to mesmerize the entire room.

Art has evolved greatly over the years to encompass many different aspects of life, so that it can no longer be used to solely define paintings that hang on your wall. Society is constantly deconstructing established standards to bring about change, which matches contemporary times. Don’t be out-shined by the Band-Aid on the canvas “art,” but metamorphose yourself to BE the art by embellishing your body with the elegant and artful Alijst jewelry.

Accessories have progressed over the recent years and are no longer only secondary elements in your daily outfits. An accessory can be the standalone piece that captures the essence of your being. Your choice in jewelry speaks volumes about your style and stands as a symbol of your identity. Present the most alluring version of yourself when you don an exquisite Alijst jewelry and be prepared to feel transformed as the cool metal touches your skin. To shop Alijst jewelry, visit- http://www.alijst.com/.


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