Playing around with dresses for the first date

There is no doubt with the fact that women love to dress up. We love trying on dresses to see which one suit us best for the occasion and can spend the entire day accessorizing it correctly and getting the perfect shoes and bag for it. In fact, we enjoy doing it. And one compliment by out better half sets everything straight and suddenly, all the efforts are worth the pain.

After a point in life, evening dates become the highlight of our life. We rarely get time to spend with each other and when we do, we want to spend it with style. So when it comes to the dressing up part for dates, women can spend an entire day deciding the outfit.

And when you’re talking about first dates, the stress is evidently real. You want everything; from make-up to your dress, from our hair to the seam of your bag to look perfect. Perfect without it looking over-the-top or over-dressed.

The real stress begins when out of a hundred and one dresses; you have to zero in on that perfect one. Suddenly, you will feel like you don’t even have clothes anymore and will doubt your shopping skills. Worry not! With some cool ideas for what dresses you could wear on that first date to charm the wit out of the guy, we are always by your side with fashion help!

Dress ideas

While you decide the dress that you are going to wear on the first date, you need to keep in mind the fact that your date should think you made efforts to see them that they deserve. So don’t shy away from making it anything less than a party.
Sure, you want to look your best in the most jaw-dropping dress, always shoot on wearing what you’re most comfortable in, something your skin can breathe in and something that speaks volumes about you and your style.

That being said, here are some dresses you could check (as per your style and body) that are perfect for first dates: –

  1. The classic LBD

There is 100% nothing that can go wrong with a classic Little Black Dress. This is a key agent in building a women’s wardrobe and you will not have to scout much for it. It suits basically every body type on planet earth and is available in a thousand fabrics. If it’s a little chilly to be wearing an LBD, you could take it to another level by pairing it with see-through stockings or a rocking biker jacket!

  1. Off shoulder dresses

With off-shoulder dresses, there is not much that you will have to do to throw the look into place. A nice flowy off-shoulder dress, with swept back hair or a bun, minimal make-up and you’re good to go in under 15 minutes!

  1. Maxi dresses

If you have a lunch date, there’s nothing more perfect than a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are in this season and are big on different patterns and colours. Choose a soothing colour, a summery look. This look will not make you look chic and trendy, but will make you feel comfortable and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Evening gowns

If you know where you are going on the date beforehand and it’s a fancy place, don’t shy away from dressing up in your classiest best a wee bit. And nothing speaks more grace, panache or class than an evening gown. No need to take it to an unprecedented level; but classy look. Carry a stole for multiple purposes.

  1. Fringe dresses

Fringes and tassels are really in the season and you can pair them with cardigans, jackets, shrugs and almost anything. For a very casual and girl-next-door look, go for a fringe dress, probably with a halter neck.


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