One Metal, Endless Possibilities: Different Types of Gold Chains to Bring on the Bling

One Metal, Endless Possibilities: Different Types of Gold Chains to Bring on the Bling

Gold jewelry is the epitome of class, and chains made of gold are the perfect accessories for any attire and any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a classy all-purpose accessory for yourself or the perfect gift for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with a gold chain. Gold is the only precious metal to offer a choice in terms of color too. The different designs of yellow, white, and rose gold available in different purities—22kt, 18kt, and 14kt—also cater to all pockets. While gold jewelry has been around since ages, the wide range of designs available now makes it one of the most contemporary metals of choice for modern fashionistas and everyone else.

A Variety of Gold Chain Designs That Spoil You for Choice

Gold chains are versatile pieces of jewelry that can take your overall look to a whole new level. It looks good no matter how you choose to wear it, paired with a pendant, worn in layers, or worn on its own. However, it is important that you understand the different gold chain types before buying one. The different types of gold chains include the following:

  1. Ball or Bead Chain

A bead or ball chain is made up of round beads or metal spheres fixed on the chain. It is also called pelline chain. The beads can either be strung close together with only a little or no space between them or evenly spaced by connector bars, with some distance between each sphere. The spheres can also be solid or hollow based on the weight requirement.

  1. Box Chain

The “boxy” look of box chains is a result of the square links on them instead of round links. This type of chain is also called book, square link, Venetian, and briolette chain. To make a box chain, a gold wire is rolled flat before its folded to make square links or open boxes. While women prefer thinner versions of this type of gold chains, the thicker varieties look good on men or as statement pieces for women. It is sturdy and has a uniform four-sided appearance.

  1. Braided Chain

Popular especially with teenagers, these chains are are formed by braiding fine chains. Also called Jaserons, braided chains are relatively cheaper.

  1. Cable Chain

One of the most common chains in the world of jewelry, cable chains are made using individual round or oval link, with each of the links placed at a 90-degree angle from one another. This type is also called link chain. The uniformity of each of the interlocked links makes it resemble the large chains used on ships. Each section is identical all throughout a cable chain, with a crossbar at each link. A cable chain is attractive, strong, and durable all at the same time.

  1. Curb Chain

Made by twisting uniform oval or circular links, curb chains are more or less variations of cable chains. The twist, which is sometimes a diamond cut, creates an indentation that allows each of the rings to stay flat and, in turn, makes the chain look sleek with a comfortable fit. Curb chains are also called gourmette chains and are available in variety of widths. The flat, identical, and interlocking links were historically large and made with little machinery. Nowadays, smaller, more feminine chains are widely available thanks to modern machinery.

  1. C-Link Chain

Its name comes from the solid C-shaped sections that it is made up of. Each of these sections fit perfectly into one another and feature a repetitive pattern that’s not only a classic design but also trendy. Its design makes it lie flat and makes it a very flexible chain.

  1. Figaro Chain

Originally from Italy and named after the character in the opera, “The Marriage of Figaro”, this chain type is a hit with both women and men. It is a variation of curb chains and comprises flat twisted links. The links differ in size, with a longer link alternating with two or three shorter links and the pattern continuing throughout the chain, which is unique feature of Figaro chains. Its design allows it to be strong and durable while laying flat around the wearer’s neck.

  1. Closed Link Chain

These chains feature an additional designing process in which each link is soldered individually to ensure the link holds up and does not open easily.

  1. Mariner, Anchor, or Rambo Chain

Designed to be the strongest of all chain types, an anchor chain has repeating oval links with a vertical bar placed in the middle of each of the same-sized links. This chain resembles the chain holding the anchor of a boat featuring an alternating horizontal and vertical arrangement.

  1. Gucci Chain

This chain is similar to an anchor chain with the only difference being the shape of the links. In gucci chains, the links are round. While wider gucci chains are great statement pieces, smaller varieties look pretty and are usually worn with pendants.

  1. Foxtail Chain

In foxtail chains, there are two rows of slanting oval links that are placed facing each other at a 45-degree angle. A number of flat rings connect these links and run down the center of the chain. Its name is derived from its resemblance to hair on the tail of a fox. Foxtail chains can be hammered for a square design or diamond cut.

  1. Franco Chain

Originally from Italy, franco chains are thick, sturdy chains made by interweaving v-shaped links. Their width can vary from anywhere between 4mm and 8mm and their design helps them support heavy pendants. This sturdy chain is popular with rap and other hip-hop artists.

  1. Herringbone Chain

This type of chain has the most fluidic look as it features multiple rows of many v-shaped links. The interwoven links lie flat with each row alternating in direction to create a herringbone pattern. The strands in a herringbone chain can also be braided to create a stunning effect.

  1. Byzantine Chain

It features a closely linked, sequential design with a rope-like texture and an alluring textural design. It is made using round or oval links used in pairs with a vertical pair joined to another vertical pair by a horizontal pair, which results in an elegant drape. Its soft and flexible design reflects a maze-like intricacy. Its origin can be dated back to the fifth century.

  1. Rolo or Belcher Chain

These types of chains are made using oval or round links connected to each other in a very simple alternating sequence. The links used in rolo chains are all identical, flat on the inside, and face in an alternating direction, with alternate linked turned at a 180-degree angle.

  1. Rope Chain

In a rope chain, rows of small metal links are woven and twisted to resemble a rope. Even if there are only two strands in a chain, it often appears that there are more than two strands due to the spiral effect. Such chains are tough yet versatile, with the only downside being the lack of a bond between individual links. This makes the entire chain prone to breakage if even one link fails. They are available in heavy and delicate versions to suit different tastes.

  1. Snake Chain

Named after their resemblance to snakes, snake chains are delicate, narrow, and flexible chains made using smooth, round metal rings, plates, or bands. These plates are fit closely together to make the chain look like a continual tube with a snakeskin texture. It doesn’t feature any support inside the chain. Snake chains are also called Hexagon or Brazilian chains.

  1. Singapore Chain

Made using flat, diamond-cut, braided, and twisted links woven together into links that resemble the shape of a diamond, a Singapore chain is known for its simplicity and strength. Its classic pattern is also catchy and reflects light from every angle. A Singapore chain goes well with a pendant as well as without one.

  1. Wheat or Spiga Chain

This type of chain is made using small links that look like the the number 8 to display a plaited look. Its symmetrical rope chain design uses four oval or twisted oval links or both.

  1. Shadbelly Chain

This type of chain features points that look like shadbelly points that improve equestrians’ riding jackets. The links in this type of chain are woven together closely for strength and grace.


With so many types of gold chains available, you can be sure that you will never ever run out of options to choose from! All of these gold chains are designed for elegance. While some of them are more appealing to women, some are perfect for style-conscious men who love to flaunt their style. Do you have a favorite type when it comes to gold chains? Do you layer them, pair them or wear them on their own? It is amazing how crazy you can go with your imagination with these golden beauties.


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