NICHOLAS KATSIDIS ~ From Big Dreams to the Big Leagues ~

NICHOLAS KATSIDIS ~ From Big Dreams to the Big Leagues ~

Nicholas Katsidis, an international fitness professional from Australia, is making waves in the local fitness world and is looking to disrupt the norm. Currently, he finds himself amidst an elite group of athletes in his current position as Strength & Conditioning coach for The Oakleigh Canons Football Club in Melbourne. Looking to capitalize on the success of his recent career initiatives as well as his own blossoming private practice, Nick has set his eyes on the City of Angels as his next win.

Nick has been highly successful down under, where he owns his own fitness studio and has been a personal trainer/lifestyle coach to numerous loyal clientele before deciding to the branch out into the United States with his unique training techniques. Nick feels that the U.S. has one of the most innovative and diverse fitness industries in the world and hopes to grow his own business model within this budding industry. His goal in coming to America was two-fold: to create a network of international proportions in the fitness industry and to begin his visa process which would allow him to be able to leave a long lasting footprint on the Los Angeles scene. All the while, he plans to continue learning American techniques through his network of professional peers, following up on potential career opportunities and touching base with his professional team which consists of his immigration attorney, sponsor and publicist.

Mr. Katsidis’ fitness background gives him a great amount of credibility to be able to build a solid client base in any surrounding he finds himself in. His experience and vast knowledge of fitness, combined with his international lifestyle/business approach have proved more than worthy of sharing on a massive scale. Some of Nicks competitive edge stems from his five years of martial arts training; nineteen years of competing in professional soccer at an elite level and training both at his own studio as well as guest training at established facilities. While attending the Australian Institute of Fitness he also earned high level certifications along with his Master Trainer and Senior First Aid and Youth Mentor credentials.

All of this proves that Nick is an amazingly qualified candidate to be awarded the opportunity to train/coach in the states. Not only is he driven by building the healthy habits of others, but he is also motivated by the relentless ambitions of adding his own spin to the way Los Angeles keeps fit, both mentally and physically.

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