Impressive and Trendy Collection by Saucin Trendz

Impressive and Trendy Collection by Saucin Trendz


Online shopping has become a trend that’s why we can see there are so many online stores around. But everyone can’t be successful. But if you are selling something extraordinary and unique then no one can keep you away from becoming a hot selling online store. Same is the story with Saucin Trendz. They got some nice collection of tshirts, hoodies, caps, tank tops and jackets. If you love hip hop you will definitely love them. As most of their items are hip hop influenced.

Here is some part of the store star up story that really impressed me.

“I first started SaucinTrendz in 2016 as result of noticing that my $10 a week allowance was not keeping up with my busy social lifestyle. I paired my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with the unique social environment of a teenager. I had developed different sayings to express myself. I based my brand off of something that I feel everyone can wear. Many of my influences are from the music that I listen to and the hip hop culture overall.”

Impressive, not only the startup but also the designs and ideas behind these creations. For a better look of how the designs actually are here is a closeup of one of the hot item on Saucin Trends #SaucyInGold.


To read the complete story and to checkout the complete collection visit now

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