Where can you watch football with friends?

Where can you watch football with friends?

Are you looking for an interesting place to watch a football match with friends? There are a lot of options in Zurich, but where should you stop? Try the Willow Yard Irish Pub. This is the favorite place of football fans and not only. Here you can have a good time with friends and enjoy not only watching the game of your favorite team, but also tasting the most delicious dishes, several types of beer and much more.

If you think that this is just one of the varieties of the bar, then you are very wrong. Willow Yard is a place where the atmosphere is truly cozy and friendly. This is not just one of the establishments, but a real authentic Irish pub with the right atmosphere.

Football bar Willow Yard

At the Willow Yard Pub, you will be served alcohol and immediate food, just in time to grab a bite to eat while watching a football game. You can order simple snacks and full meals here. Willow Yard is made in the best traditions of Irish culture with a themed design. A great place to spend time after work.

Gathered at Willow Yard, you can not only celebrate an important match, but also to discuss various incidents, the game of your favorite football team, and just meet with friends.

The tradition of visiting this place goes back to the Middle Ages. Then the first roadside taverns began to open, which served not only as places for spending time, but as premises for social gatherings. Then these drinking houses were transformed into pubs. And firmly entered the everyday life of some nations. Want to continue a centuries-old tradition? Then welcome to Willow Yard.

The Willow Yard Pub includes several features that you will definitely appreciate:

  1. Here you can taste some of the classic restaurant cuisines;
  2. And you can easily organize a party and dance like in a club;
  3. There is a large bar menu;
  4. If you want something tasty for football, then good fast food is served here.

But most importantly, Willow Yard has a truly homely atmosphere. So if you want to watch football, then definitely head here. Football bar is glad to new visitors and here you will be accepted as a friend.

Having visited Willow Yard, you will be able to have fun. And if you want to do more than just come and watch the sporting events, you can also visit the pub during one of the weekly events. For example, once a week you can participate in the following activities:

● Quiz Night – every Monday at 19:30.

● Happy Monday! – 10% discount on all types of beer from 16.00 to 20.00

● Wing Night – every Tuesday from 17.00 to 22.00

● In Vino Veritas – 15% discount on all wines and proseccos on Tuesdays from 16:00 to 20:00.

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