Menopause and Sexual Problems

Decreased libido or vaginal dryness are continuous components presented in your sex after menopause? It is a common occurrence in women who are older than 45-50 years and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. According to dedicated experts, this issue can be solved with no trouble if visiting gynecologists regularly and taking care of health in advance. However, how to understand that painful sex after menopause is not an indicator of a serious illness?

Menopause and Sex: Is It Enjoyable?

With the advancement of years, more and more ladies start noticing side effects of climax. They can be hot flashes, dryness of skin, weight gain, and of course, decreased sex drive. Women read doubtful forums where people claim that sex will never be the same again. But, it has nothing to do with reality. If you ask do women enjoy sex after menopause? The answer is yes but there some drawbacks.

Genetically, with the onset of 40-50’s years, the hormone level starts decreasing and it leads to inevitable changes in women’s bodies. For instance, they can no longer bear children, they do not have menstruation, and they cope with supporting symptoms that may greatly deteriorate well-being. But, with the proper care of health, and regular visits to gynecologists, a woman can be prescribed hormone therapy aimed to substitute an insufficient amount of hormone with designated medications. As a result, sex during menopause can become vivid again.

Another issue is vaginal dryness. Many representatives of beautiful half make one mistake, they replace the specialized lubrication with commercially-distributed creams for the skin. It leads to allergies and intolerance of one’s body. After the medical examination with a doctor, you can be prescribed with lubrication that will moderate that dryness, and you won’t experience any discomfort in menopause sex. Besides, such a checkup can exclude the possibility of other illnesses such as cancer. Thus, upon visiting a clinic, make sure to note all the sings and feelings you have with sex after menopause, it will give understanding about what such manifestations can be connected to. For instance, bleeding, and high temperature during sexual intercourse is not necessarily related to climax.

How to Increase Sex Drive After Menopause?

Remember, never proceed with treatment at your sole discretion. It can bear negative consequences. Follow just the next sex after menopause tips:

  • Quit bad habits. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking radically affect sex drive after menopause;

  • Exercise more. Your libido may be in a sleeping mode because of a sedentary lifestyle. Go for aerobics and swimming;

  • Spend time on foreplays. Change your sexual life with a partner, think of roleplays;

  • Speak with a psychologist. Maybe, the cause lays in depression or negative trauma.

 Finally, you can look for menopause sex drive natural remedies that contain vitamins and herbs. But, ask for a doctor’s approval before the intake. Do not believe that sex after menopause does not exist. The climax is natural, and you have to just adjust to its requirements.


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