Born in Columbus, Ohio as Jessica Streeter and better known as “BLUNTFUL JAYE”, she received her name as she transitioned from a shy girl to the girl with no filter that lives and laughs fearlessly at others opinions. Her childhood was fair, but everybody & every family has there own issues. BLUNTFUL JAYE has learned the game early & became a street and book smart female making her able to hustle on more then one level, especially with having a large family of 8 in one household. She learned more than the average working female & was a lot more versatile. Inspired to be in the industry since the age of 8, JAYE practiced performing in the mirror or just simply replaying a scene from a movie as if she was the actor.

She’s known her whole life that her passion was in poetry, acting and music, and by watching her little brother “KING KL” grow up freestyling and wanting a way out, she started indulging into rap. Listening to some of her biggest influences like NWA, SNOOP DOGG, BIGGIE, 2PAC & JAY-Z was her beginning to embracing the culture. Today, Cardi B, Remy Ma, Lil Kim, G-Herbo, Master P and Nipsey Hussle stands to be her current influencers because she can relate to them and their roads to stardom. JAYE’S biggest goals is to become well recognized, change the course for female rappers to gain more credibility and to get the respect from the highest of icons. Stay tuned in, because the road for BLUNTFUL JAYE can become unpredictable in a great way!




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