Make a Bold Statement Using These 5 Common Accessories

When putting an outfit together it can be easy to forget exactly how much of an impact common accessories such as necklaces and bracelets can make to a simple outfit. With these tips and tricks you’ll soon be able to turn heads no matter what room you walk into.


Necklaces are great items that can be used to make a bold statement and really draw the attention of onlookers. To use a necklace to make a statement, make sure that your outfit consists of plain clothes and colours, this will ensure that all focus is immediately drawn towards the necklace and create a statement whenever you walk in a room. Make sure that you tie the necklace in with your outfit by matching the necklace with a more subtle but same colour pair of shoes, so that the necklace is not completely out of place but is the focal point of your outfit.


Glasses don’t only have the single use of helping you see; they can also create a bold fashion statement and make you the center of attention. Varying in multiple shapes, sizes colours and brands from celebrity endorsed eyeglasses to Prada eyeglasses, there are various ways in which these helpful items can create a bold statement. To really standout, choose a chunky (but not too chunky!) larger frame. This will not only draw attention but can help to hide any insecurities and worries that you may have concerning your face. Choosing the right frame for your face shape is very important however, as the wrong style of frame may accentuate your insecurities, so take care when deciding on which pair is right for you!


Creating a statement with bracelets can be more difficult than with earrings or necklaces, especially when wearing long sleeves. A good tip for statement making with bracelets is to stack them. This not only creates a bold and interesting look, but also combines various styles and colours (as long as they don’t clash!) to create a look that is uniquely you.  If you’re looking for something more simple, then a single bracelet can often provide the needed finishing touch for your outfit. Simple chain bracelets can create a delicate and sophisticated look, whereas a bracelet with a charm attached can provide a simple but elegant hint of glitz and glamor.


Making a statement with earrings sounds like a difficult task unless your chosen earrings are very large in size (which, understandably, a lot of people wouldn’t be comfortable wearing!), however there are ways to make a statement with your earrings without them being of an uncomfortable size. When wearing patterns, choose a colour from your pattern and match it to your earrings, this will not only tie the outfit together, but also make the earrings stand out as the colour will pop against natural coloured hair.

As you can see, there are lots of easy ways to complete your look with accessories!

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